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Vermont Youth Conservation Corps’ 2024 opportunities

In three months, we get to start another program season.  
VYCC’s 39th, to be exact.  

Browse Vermont Youth Conservation Corps’ 2024 opportunities  

The VYCC team is excited to hear from folks who are thinking about conservation or sustainable agriculture work for the very first time. We have paid positions for folks ages 15 and up that do not require special skills or experience.  

We are also looking forward to welcoming past Members and Leaders back for another season. After all, VYCC’s programs are designed for growth. Returners can take on new challenges, and accumulate AmeriCorps Education awards and credentials.  

VYCC runs a Conservation Program and Food & Farm Program. Both are environmental education programs designed for youth ages 15 and older. These Vermont programs are great for young people interested in environmental stewardship, outdoor experiences, and leadership opportunities.

Here are reflections from two people who came back for a second VYCC season in 2023: 

Quinn Schoff (they/them), 2022 Food & Farm Member; 2023 Food & Farm Leader 

“Last season was my first time farming ever, so I was learning a lot of basics. Since coming back, I’ve been able to take that knowledge, share it with others, lead a crew, and improve my skills even further. Coming back a second season [allowed me] to learn and grow more in my own skills and knowledge.”

Lydia Yuhas (she/her), 2022 Conservation Crew Leader; 2023 Conservation Crew Leader 

“I came back to trail work after some time in outdoor education. This season, I had the absolute pleasure of taking a highline rigging course. VYCC provided it for me. It was intense but it was absolutely astounding. I got to use the highline and taught my Members how to use it on a high use, steep alpine trail. I’m really happy, now that I’ve got a lot more experience and new skills I can take into other jobs. Knowing that you can do something, and do it to the max, and do it fantastic is a really good feeling.”

We’ve just opened up positions starting in May 2024. They are alongside all positions starting in March:  

These include Conservation Crew Leaders, Food & Farm Leaders, and a Food & Farm Member position. Remaining Member positions will open after the New Year. 

VYCC is located halfway between Burlington Vermont and Montpelier Vermont.

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