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It’s intense work but it’s very rewarding. You get to spend all day outside, making your local parks a better place to be and a better place for the environment. It’s been awesome. And it is hard work.

– Cole, he/him, Conservation Member
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On their first day, Members and Leaders arrive on VYCC’s 400-acre campus to get familiar with staff and meet crew mates.  

After training and orientation on campus, crews get to work on projects. For Conservation Crews, this could be anywhere in Vermont! The crew’s trailer and van will have all the tools and gear needed. 

Meanwhile, Food & Farm crews get their hands in the earth on VYCC’s campus. 

Read more about Campus & Camping Life

The best part is the work you’ll complete! See some of our Featured Projects.

Whether you arrive at VYCC with zero work experience; or you come with skills and feel ready to lead – we have a position for you! 

VYCC programs are designed for Members to come back for multiple seasons. Build skills toward careers, accumulate AmeriCorps Education Awards and college credits, and earn industry-recognized credentials. 

See what skills you can gain.

Read about how VYCC supports alumni after their VYCC experience.

At the end of the season there will be lots to be proud of: the bridge you built, the skills you gained, the crops you harvested, and the community you’ve been a part of. Join us if this sounds like the right adventure for you!

As I anticipated, the work was hard. We carried wet lumber up a mountain. We crushed and moved so many heavy rocks. However, I got stronger and stronger, and I was so proud to see what my body was capable of. With the help of my community around me, I had begun to thrive in an environment that was once scary and intimidating. The Corps experience had pushed me out of my comfort zone, and I was able to expand into a stronger version of myself.

– Bex, they/them, Conservation Member and Food & Farm Leader

Corps Members have opportunities to work alongside others who share some aspect of their identity. In the past, options have included Affinity Crews or Spaces for women, queer folks, and BIPOC individuals. If you are curious about what affinity opportunities might exist for your time with VYCC, ask us during your interview.

The work in the fields is very tedious. You are doing the same thing over and over again for a long time. But you are in a group of people that you come to enjoy: it becomes fun and easy to do.

– Kathir, he/him, Food & Farm Member
Why I chose this job: Conservation

On a Conservation Crew, you might be building a new trail in a town forest, fixing the roof of a lean-to in a state park, or pulling an invasive plant from a riverbank. See what it’s like to be on a Conservation Crew.

Why I chose this job: Food & Farm

On a Food & Farm Crew, you might be transplanting peppers in the farm fields, washing a big harvest of greens at the wash/pack station, or chopping tomatoes for lunch in the kitchen. See what it’s like to be on a Food & Farm Crew.

VYCC didn’t just teach me how to farm and about healthy food, it also taught me how to interact with co-workers, how to socialize, how to be a good employee and how to create good connections with co-workers. People who work on the VYCC farm crew are not just co-workers to me, I see them as friends and family.

– RoZe, she/her, Food & Farm Member

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