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VYCC is fueled by an energetic team of talented individuals

For general contact, please give us a call: 802-434-3969 x100 or email: info@vycc.org

Executive Team

Breck Knauft

Executive Director

(802) 434-3969 ext. 110

Hapy Mayer

Chief Financial Officer

(802) 434-3969 ext. 134

Leah Mital

Executive Director

(802) 434-3969

2024 Food & Farm Leaders

Kayden Lemee

Food & Nourishment Leader

Nico Walton

Food & Nourishment Leader

Cal Rosacker

Food & Nourishment Leader

Kelly Thompson

Summer Crew Leader

Mary Nagy-Benson

Summer Crew Leader

Kyle Hooker

Summer Crew Leader

Marley Jordan

Production Leader

Pearl Benjamin

Summer Crew Leader

Chris Barry

Farm to Community Leader

Kathryn Field

Post-Harvest Leader

Sophia Mitchell

Crew Leader

Isabel Najjar

Crew Leader

Charlotte Reynolds

Crew Leader

Teddy Robinson

Community Health Leader

Lindsay Villano

Production Crew Leader

Abby Vincent

Crew Leader

Zoey Womick

Production Crew Leader

Food & Farm Staff

Christine Hadekel

Food & Farm Director

Lily Bradburn

Community Health Program Manager

Christopher Humphrey

Food & Farm Program Coordinator

Jake Kornfeld

Senior Farm Production Manager

(802) 434-3969

Natalie Muskin

Food & Farm Seasonal Program Coordinator

Katie Robertson

Food & Farm Program Manager

Claire Scherf

Farm Production Coordinator

Justina Soltys

Food & Farm Production Manager

2024 Conservation Leaders

Jenn Ratz

Advanced Build Crew Leader

Mac Bentley

Crew Leader

Kayleigh Anderson

Advanced Forest Crew Leader

Emma McKillip

Crew Leader

Sarah “Tess” Tessier

Crew Leader

Samantha Moran

Crew Leader

Ren Kelly

Crew Leader

Skylar McAuliffe

Crew Leader

Joehl Pizzo

Crew Leader

Evan Wright

Crew Leader

Allen Jasowicz

Crew Leader

Hank Kelly

Year Round Crew Leader

Saoirse Rain

Year Round Crew Leader

David Ricciuti

Year Round Crew Leader

Alexandria Tutt

Year Round Crew Leader

Katie Vartenigian

Year Round Crew Leader

Conservation Staff

Bill Anderson

Conservation Forestry Project Manager

(802) 434-3969 ext. 139

Kristen Balschunat

Conservation Water Quality Project Manager

(802) 560-4624

Stephen Cohen

Conservation Build Project Manager

(802) 434.3969 ext. 135

Kalyn Cook

Conservation Americorps Program Manager

(802) 560-8990

Jenn Krebs

Conservation Senior Operations Manager

(802) 560-4677

Patrick Pfeifer

Conservation Program Director

(802) 434-3969

August Tallmadge

Conservation Program Coordinator

Keith Warner

Conservation Program Manager

(802) 560-4668

Kevin Wood

Conservation Trail Project Manager

(802) 560-5886

Engagement Team

Naomi Galimidi

Director of Community Engagement

(802) 448-5973

Kate Gluckman

Serve Learn Earn Director

Jens Hybertson

Development Manager

Bo Malcolm

Community Engagement Manager

Administrative Team

Kay Ardel

Senior Administrative Manager

(802) 434-3969 ext. 200

William Bentley

Finance Administrator

(802) 434-3969 ext. 121

Jon Hamilton

Facilities Coordinator

Rosemary Jeter

AmeriCorps Program Grant Manager

Lane Tomassini

Program Equipment Coordinator