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Being part of VYCC is worth a lot.

If you have served on a crew with Vermont Youth Conservation Corps, there are benefits and services available to you. After all, you worked very hard to make the world a better place. We know that as a result of that hard work, alum continue to make a difference in the lives of their communities, families, workplaces, and local ecosystems.

So, what are alumni services? Essentially, anyone who participates on a crew (whether they completed their service last season or long, long ago) can consider the organization a resource.

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Bo’s role at VYCC includes supporting alums. At age 16, Bo joined VYCC as a Crew Member. It changed his life for the better, and he credits his Crew Leaders for being helpful mentors. Since his time on a crew, Bo has worked with young people. His professional life has been dedicated to youth development, specifically helping young adults set actionable goals and achieve their innate potential.

As part of his role at VYCC, Bo is available to Corps Members and alumni for one-on-one consultations.

Bo Malcolm

In a consultation, you can:

  • Discuss your interests and values towards developing next-step plans.  
  • Define your career goals and identify someone within the VYCC network who can help you achieve those goals. 
  • Workshop your resume or cover letter. 
  • Practice interview skills with pre-writing exercises that help prep you for conversations with a potential employer. 
  • Discuss federal hiring practices, how to write a federal resume, and navigate USAJobs. 
  • Discuss the ins-and-outs of the AmeriCorps Ed Award and determine how you might use those funds. 
  • Discuss ways for you to continue your service with VYCC!

Beyond Bo, VYCC staff members are a resource for alums. They can write letters of recommendation, connect you with professionals in the field, and discuss their professional life with you. You can see our staff list, with email addresses and photos, on our team page. Make someone’s day by emailing them what you’re up to!

VYCC’s programs are designed for growth. Members can return for multiple experiences to build skills, accumulate AmeriCorps Education Awards, and earn credits and credentials. This chart offers a general overview of how programs build skills and knowledge:

Hear from some returning Members and Leaders about why they chose to come back for more VYCC experiences:

Board Members are VYCC’s most dedicated volunteers. They support the overall health and future of the organization. The VYCC board of directors includes a minimum of one recent program participant – someone who has been a Crew Member or Crew Leader within the past five years. In January 2022, three recent alums joined the board for three-year terms.

Mallory James (she/her) was a 2018 Crew Leader whose crew worked in partnership with the US Forest Service in the Green Mountain National Forest:

“VYCC was the first conservation corps I worked for. I love conservation corps work and the growth that service can bring into young people’s lives.”

Mallory is on the Cultivation Committee.

Ezra Pasackow (he/him) was a Project Lead with VYCC’s Food & Farm Program in 2019:

“I am eager to continue to support an organization that has been so pivotal in my professional and personal growth.”

Ezra is a member of the Board’s Finance Committee.

Contact Leah Mital, Executive Director: