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Camping and On-Campus Logistics

So what is it like at VYCC? Where will you sleep? What is the food situation?

The answers to these questions vary by position. See below for a description of food, accommodations and more.

In all VYCC operations: 

  • Staff accounts for allergies and other restrictions when providing food on VYCC’s campus. Camping crews can accommodate most dietary needs.  
  • All restrooms on VYCC’s campus are gender-inclusive. 

For Food & Farm Leaders, limited lodging is available for the season. Leaders move into shared rooms in the farmhouse in the spring, have their own space in either a farmhouse room or yurt for the summer and move back to shared rooms in the farmhouse for late fall. The farmhouse provides bathrooms and a kitchen for those living on campus. This arrangement includes joining a rotation of occasional evening and weekend farm chores. If applying for a Food & Farm Leader position, we will ask you if you need lodging and do our best to get you a spot. Please note, we do not currently have enough lodging for all Food & Farm Leaders.  

These Members work days and do not live on campus. They come to work with a backpack that they keep with them for the day. Conservation Members bring their own lunch. Food & Farm Crews gather in the West Monitor Barn every day for a farm-fresh lunch. Members can bring their own snacks to enjoy during a morning and an afternoon break.

Conservation Leaders stay on campus during training (the first 2-4 weeks) and camping crews have the option to stay on campus during time off. Conservation Members and Leaders use a camping area tucked into the woods, about a ten-minute walk from the West Monitor Barn. Sleep in your tent or share a lean-to. The camping area has a composting toilet, primitive kitchen, potable water, fire pit, wi-fi and charging station, and a screened-in lean-to (the screen-to!) as a hangout spot. Showers, lockers, and flush toilets are available in the West Monitor Barn. 

During Conservation Leader training, meals are prepared and served in the West Monitor Barn. As Leaders become comfortable with the routines and spaces on campus, they might begin to make their own meals and food is increasingly kept in the campground. VYCC provides all the ingredients and equipment needed to prepare and enjoy healthy meals (and snacks!) throughout training. 

VYCC arranges campsites for all Conservation camping crews. Depending on the project location, this can be a state park campground with amenities like bathrooms, or it can be a backcountry site. Backcountry camping means carrying all your gear to a site that is not near a parking lot and does not have bathrooms or running water. Crews usually move around as they complete different projects; and will be at each campsite for at least one week at a time. 

VYCC provides tents, all gear for an outdoor kitchen and makes sure there is potable water. Camping crews can stock up on bulk goods and spices using VYCC’s pantry; and use a food budget and funds from VYCC to shop for the rest. 

Camping crews work together to create a meal plan. Choose tried-and-true recipes from the VYCC cookbook, adapt favorites from home, and/or create new dishes. Typically, crews choose to have simple breakfasts and lunches, and cook dinner together. Members are expected to respect and accommodate each other’s dietary restrictions and preferences.  

For crews camping in the backcountry, VYCC will teach Members how to manage personal hygiene, food, and wildlife encounters. While this may sound intimidating, it is a rewarding experience and we encourage you to step outside your comfort zone!   

Camping crews always have a vehicle and a way to communicate with VYCC staff 24/7.  

Crews often head into a nearby town after the workday and/or on weekends to enjoy community events, take care of errands, and explore.    

In a typical week, one or two staff members will visit the crew in the field. They will bring mail and any supplies the crew needs.

VYCC provides:

  • All the tools and personal protective equipment that Members need for every work project: eye and hearing protection, gloves, and hard hats.
  • Short and long sleeve work shirts.
  • For camping crews: tents and shared group gear, including everything you need for your kitchen setup.

Members bring:

  • Layers for warmth and rain, backpack
  • For conservation crews: sturdy boots and work pants
  • For camping crews: sleeping gear (bags, pads, pillow)
  • You can find great, affordable used clothing and gear at thrift stores and through online retailers, like GearTrade.

All Members receive a complete packing list based on their crew. If you’re unable to secure certain items, VYCC will help you get what you need. Information on gear assistance is included in the packing list.

Personal vehicles can be parked at VYCC in Richmond.  

Members and Leaders can have mail and packages sent to 1949 East Main Street, Richmond VT 05477. Staff will deliver mail to camping crews. Do not make VYCC your registered or permanent address – this is a business address. If living on campus for the season, talk with your supervisor about how to set up an address.