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Our Work Boots Are On: updates from recent floods

Thanks to strong community support, and to the dedication of Corps Members willing to work hard to make a difference, projects are getting done.

The weather has not made it easy. We are happy to share that crews have remained safe through heat, poor air quality, and heavy rains. The team at VYCC has moved crews into and out of the field as needed to prioritize health and safety.

Summary of Recent Events:
In early July, Vermont experienced significant flooding events. Before the first bout of flooding, we brought all camping crews to safe and high ground at VYCC. While they waited for roads to reopen, Conservation and Farm Crew Members teamed up to harvest all our garlic before it was lost. They also harvested beans, washed cabbage, worked with chickens, and packed Health Care Shares.

Farm crews delivered 390 Health Care Shares on July 13 by creatively routing around multiple road closures.

On July 13 and 14, we celebrated 4 weeks of working and learning together with the land. Some crews departed for a planned break week; others had finished their 4-week session.

On July 18, our Executive Directors – Breck and Leah – reached out to Governor Scott and the Secretaries of several state agencies to outline ways VYCC might be able to help Vermont recover from flooding, both in the short- and long-term. We look forward to getting to work in affected communities as needs align with VYCC crews’ skills.

Farm crews delivered 415 Health Care Shares on July 20.
All conservation crews are back in the field completing planned projects.

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