Our work is driven by the skill and energy of our Food & Farm Project and Crew Leaders.

These highly motivated young adults are committed to growing fresh vegetables and poultry for our communities during these unprecedented times.

The health and safety of the VYCC community are our top priorities. The Food & Farm team is observing COVID safety protocols, while growing and delivering food.

Shannon Borucke, Food and Nourishment Lead

Shannon has always pictured committing herself to roles that uplift both our natural world and the communities within them. She believes that our foundational relationship with food and how we utilize it is essential. Knowing all too well how important nutrition is, she is particularly drawn to working with the Health Care Share program. While earning her degree in Environmental Science at SUNY Binghamton and volunteering for local farms and the student-led food co-op, she truly felt the connective power that farming and cooking can bring.

In her free time, Shannon enjoys being outside as much as possible, especially hiking and biking. Here at VYCC, she feels a part of something truly larger than herself. She is most eager to introduce all these concepts with anyone along-side her in the kitchen cooking some bountiful meals.

Pronouns: She/Her

Sandra Campero, Health Care Share Lead

Food has the power to bring everyone together. Sandra, a graduate from the University of California Los Angeles in Environmental Studies, believes good food creates connectedness, happiness, and lifelong health for all. She joined VYCC to engage with a community eager in spreading good food principles through the Health Care Share and Food and Farm program.

Previously part of her college student garden club and food studies program, Sandra enjoyed learning about new foods and working with others to better their community through sustainable healthy food education.

When not geeking out over food and soil, Sandra loves to dance, sew, and garden.

Pronouns: She/Her

Annabelle Elvidge, Post Harvest Lead

After visiting VYCC for the first time in 2018, Annabelle knew she wanted to eventually become a part of the team. Annabelle graduated from Saint Michael’s College in 2020 with a B.A. in Environmental Studies and a minor in Global Studies. She is drawn to opportunities that aim to better both the community and the planet, and she believes in the power of food.  

As the Crew Leader and the Business & Operations Coordinator for The Farm at Saint Michael’s College, Annabelle gained valuable leadership and farming experience while also realizing her passion for data. In 2018, she interned at Crow’s Path in Burlington, VT where she aimed to connect groups of children with nature while emphasizing the importance of being aware of one’s environmental impact.  

Annabelle is extremely excited to bring her enthusiasm for exploring the natural world and sustainable farming to VYCC this season! 

Pronouns: She/Her

Eli Gurvitch, Production Lead

Eli comes to VYCC after serving as a field worker at The Food Project farm in Lincoln, Massachusetts. In 2019, Eli graduated from Sterling College in Craftsbury Common, Vermont with a B.A in sustainable agriculture and a minor in natural resource management. Growing up in Boston, Eli worked for The Food Project as a teenage youth worker. There he saw benefits of working hard on the land with others and forging community around food. He took this passion to Sterling College where he honed his farming skills and learned about a vast array of farming techniques and traditions. Through ecology courses, handson learning, and backpacking and hiking trips, Eli fell in love with the beautiful natural world of Vermont.  He’s very excited to be returning to live in the state. Eli also loves playing guitar, listening to music, cooking and eating tasty foodand skiing.

Pronouns: He/Him

Bex Love, Community Engagement Lead

Bex believes that their most valuable resource is their time, and they are committed to spending it serving the earth and the communities that inhabit it. The power of VYCC’s work to do that brings Bex back for a third season! They first served as a Conservation Crew Member in 2019 and returned as a Conservation Crew Leader in 2020. Bex is excited for this year’s VYCC adventure, because they are passionate about expanding access to nourishing vegetables and the revolutionary power of growing your own food. Bex first discovered that power while volunteering on various organic farms in their travels throughout the US and Canada.  

As a clown-for-hire, theatrical facilitator, and street performerBex strongly believes in the power of story to build community. Their aim is to create community wherever they go, by bringing people together around art, food, or a good joke.  

Pronouns: They/Them

Rayla Putnam, Production Lead

Rayla loves to eat carrots right out of the ground and turn seemingly monotonous tasks like weeding into a game. They found their passion for growing food while studying environmental science at Colby-Sawyer College, through exploring and working in the school’s permaculture garden. After graduating, she served with SCA’s Massachusetts Americorps program, learning about building intentional community and leadership through teaching environmental education and trail conservation crews. Wanting to get back into farming, they worked for Peace Corps Ghana in the agriculture sector for three months before COVID-19 brought them home. Since working outside is a personal value, they have since worked on multiple farms and trail crews to connect with the land. They are eager to get their hands dirty at VYCC while collaborating with an intentional community to grow and learn together!  

Rayla gets jazzed about roller skating, taking long walks, drawing beets, reading, and admiring the clouds.

Pronouns: She/Her and They/Them

Tiffany Marquez, Crew Leader

Tiffany was drawn to VYCC because she has never worked on a farm before. This unique opportunity allows her to combine her love of learning about agriculture and community engagement. Hailing from Los Angeles, CA, she brings with her urban living, non-profit experience, and gardening. Tiffany graduated from California State University Northridge, where she majored in Family and Consumer Sciences with an emphasis in Family Studies. She remains committed to teaching practices that promote inclusivity and holistic growth. Tiffany encourages self-exploration and discovery through interpersonal connection and relationship to the environment. She enjoys dancing and singing, being resourceful, and cuddling up with her three rescue pets.

Pronouns: She/Her

Molly Meehan, Crew Leader

Molly Meehan is a recent UVM graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Studies and Food Systems. She has years of experience with community organizing and food rescue initiatives that focused on redirecting food that would have otherwise been discarded to be distributed throughout the community at no cost. VYCC’s direct action work in increasing food security and accessibility is very important to Molly because of her passion for the community empowerment that comes from collectively growing and sharing food. She hopes to inspire the youth she leads to be as excited as she is in re-envisioning the current food system to be one that is just and accessible for all. All things food aside, Molly is also an avid artist, and has a love for listening to music and spending time outside whenever possible.

Pronouns: She/Her

Anna Poe, Crew Leader

Anna has a passion for education and believes in the power of young people in transforming the food system. While pursuing a degree in Citizenship and Civic Engagement at Syracuse University, Anna worked on community engagement projects in rural New York and led education efforts about global food insecurity with her campus’ chapter of Oxfam America. Through her work with the Rainforest Alliance in 2020, she developed a drive to work with youth in agriculture and to build a deeper connection with the land, which drew her to VYCC. Anna is thrilled to join the VYCC community and is extremely excited to learn and grow with her crew members this season. In her free time, Anna loves to strum on her acoustic guitar, take long walks, and explore hiking trails. 

Pronouns: She/Her

Andy Rhodes, Crew Leader

Andy Rhodes is a recent graduate from Skidmore College with a degree in Environmental Studies and Art.  He is passionate about Environmental Education and creating works of art from natural and wasted materials. Andy fell in love with farming and distributing healthy foods for communities while working at Featherbed Lane Farm.  He also discovered his love for leading and teaching folks – especially underrepresented queer folks – about how powerful and beautiful the wilderness can be by leading outdoor trips in Ocala National Forest and Cumberland Island National Seashore. When he’s not getting dirty and searching for trashy treasures on the farm, he is manifesting rollerblading into the sunset and gluten. Andy hopes to not only learn and grow from working with various folks from all walks of life on the farm but also hopes to make everyone feel comfortable and silly in their own skin.

Pronouns: He/Him

Grace Stein, Crew Leader

Grace is passionate about the outdoors and environment, as well as the health and happiness of people! She graduated from the University of Vermont with a degree in Environmental Science and Conservation Biology and Biodiversity. Even though she graduated, she is still always excited to learn new things. She is a new gardener and is passionate about providing access to farm fresh food to anyone who wants it. She is learning the value of and joy of growing your own food and food for others. Last summer she was working on a Wildland Fire Crew with Montana Conservation Corps, she learned a lot about risk management and land management and conservation work. She has also conducted conservation research in Mongolia while camping and traveling by foot. She learned about working with the land and about how connections within communities are extremely valuable no matter the job or where you are. 

Pronouns: She/Her