Our work is driven by the skill and energy of our Food & Farm Project Leaders.

These highly motivated young adults are committed to growing fresh vegetables and poultry for our communities during these unprecedented times.

The health and safety of the VYCC community are our top priorities. The Food & Farm team is observing CDC safety protocols to help flatten the curve while growing and delivering food.

Aspen Anderson, Production Lead

Returning for her second season on the farm, Aspen originally hails from the north woods of Minnesota, but moved west in college to study Environmental Studies at the University of Montana. Now an easterner, she brings farming experience from Western Montana and New York’s Hudson Valley to VYCC, and is excited to dive into another season with a great team! She believes that the value we place on food and our understanding of food systems increases with the amount of time spent in the soil, and that growing the food that sustains you is something that everyone should have the opportunity to experience. In her free time, Aspen enjoys cross country skiing, playing hockey, rock climbing, writing, baking, cooking good food, backpacking, playing guitar, and drinking milkshakes.

Pronouns: She/Her


Jill Brooks, Community Engagement Lead

Jill believes that growing and eating good food and building deep relationships to land should be accessible to all. She loves working on the Health Care Share project at the VYCC farm and finding creative ways to connect with community members around food and farming. Jill grew up on a small dairy farm in Southern Vermont and feels privileged to have experienced deep relationship to place, food, and animals from a young age. As a geography student at UVM she spent time researching human connection to and valuation of natural resources in Alaska and Hawai’i, and finds great joy in observing the interdependence of our world. Jill spends her free time painting, scouting out swimming holes, and going on long walks.

Pronouns: She/Her


Hannah Franchimont, Post Harvest and Sales Lead

Hannah is an Indiana native who grew up swimming, hiking, and playing in and around Lake Michigan. She graduated from Indiana University in May of 2018 with a degree in Environmental and Sustainability Studies. Her love for sustainable agriculture blossomed after college after accepting a position at an urban farm in Chicago where she learned about the benefits of hydroponic farming. Hannah was beyond excited to move to Vermont and start her position at the VYCC as the Post-Harvest and Sales Project Lead. She is looking forward to returning to the VYCC for a second season to continue making an impact in the community. Connecting with the members of the Health Care Share this past year taught Hannah how much of an asset the Food and Farm program at VYCC is to the state of Vermont.

Pronouns: She/Her

Hannah.Franchimont@vycc.org | (219)798-4793

Connor Havron, Animals and Infrastructure Lead

“I am inspired by the connection all living things have with one another, one cannot exist without the other. This connectedness pushes me to make the most of my life and cultivate meaningful relationships and experiences.” Joining the VYCC with an open mind and an equally eager attitude; Connor, is a recent Graduate from Keene State College where he studied sustainability and Environmental Studies. He is passionate about building a strong sense of community, cultivating relationships and creating a deep connection with the land. When he’s not leading young minds and getting his hands dirty on the farm, he enjoys being outside no matter the weather, eating good food, spending quality time with those he cares about and living life to its fullest.

Pronouns: He/Him


Jude Poor, Farm Lead

Jude believes in fostering the connection that people have to the land. They are passionate about educating youth and community towards mindfulness when it comes to our ecological footprint. Jude is honored to be part of the VYCC’s path to creating a greater connection between the community, land, and access to healthy, local food. Jude grew up on a small farm in West Bolton, Vermont where as a kid they sold eggs, vegetables, and flowers at the bottom of their driveway. Jude graduated high school at MMU in 2018 and has been traveling the last couple of years, working on different farms in a wide range of climates. Jude is joining VYCC for their third season as a long term Crew Leader. They are very excited to be working with the community, and hopes they can share their passion and experiences.

Pronouns: They/Them