Our work is driven by the skill and energy of our Crew Leaders.

The success of VYCC is indebted to the highly motivated and committed young adults who take on the challenging job of leading crews.

VYCC carefully selects young leaders that ensure the safety of each Corps Member, effectively manage crew projects to meet the expectations and deadlines of project sponsors, build a positive crew community that reflects VYCC’s values, and support the learning and personal growth of each Corps Member.

Crew Leaders complete a rigorous residential training program before Corps Members arrive. Classroom workshops and hands-on practice ensure competence in technical skills, risk management, first aid, safe driving, tool use and maintenance, group dynamics, discipline, meal planning, and Leave No Trace practices.

Crews are typically assigned one male and one female Crew Leader. Once in the field, they are supported by VYCC staff through weekly call-ins, weekly visits including occasional overnight stays, and a 24/7 on-call system. Crews have access to a vehicle at all times and each location has a safety plan including how to access emergency medical care.

Have any questions? Contact our Conservation Crew Leader Supervisor, Pilar!

Katie Reidinger

Katie Reidinger joins the VYCC after spending two summer seasons with the Southwest Conservation Corps and graduating from St. Michael’s College. She grew up in Landenberg, Pennsylvania. In college, Katie discovered a love for conservation biology as well as working outdoors. She enjoys listening and playing music as well as playing board games and arts and crafts. She is very excited to return to Vermont and continue conservation work with the VYCC.

She/her pronouns.

Nick Halvern

Nick comes from the Puget Sound lowlands where he discovered his roots in conservation. He took a chance and moved to Vermont to discover a thriving community and a rural lifestyle. Since then he has been enjoying simple pleasures while living close to nature. He considers the culinary arts, plant identification, operating chainsaws, and hiking trails among the finer things in life. Nick loves the outdoors so much, he has been found using dirt as shampoo/conditioner.

Through conservation corps, Nick has made connections with people from a wide background and learned what it takes to live in a small community. His time spent doing conservation work, he considers the best of his life. For Nick, the outdoors is a place for him to be the best version of himself. He wants to share his values in hard work and perseverance and hopes to facilitate an unforgettable experience.

He/him pronouns