“I love working on something that will outlive me and coexisting with wonderful humans, while learning collaboratively” – Ursula

VYCC Crews step up to serve where they are needed. As a Crew Member, you will grow food or build trails, while working in fields, in forests, and along waterways, putting your skills and tools to use. Crew Members step outside of their comfort zone and learn new skills while contributing to Vermont’s communities.

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AmeriCorps Camping Crew Members live and serve together, spending most of their time immersed in the outdoors (seeing all the stars and also braving all the bugs). Crew Members learn new skills related to their projects, spend evenings together, and build community with their crewmates.

Camping Crews work in state and local parks, the Green Mountain National Forest, and other public lands, doing trail construction and maintenance, carpentry, water quality improvement, and forest management. The work our Crew Members do has a significant impact on habitat, water quality, and outdoor recreation in Vermont.

Camping Crew Member Position Info  

On the farm, each day is a different adventure! Farm Crew Members move from weeding rows of carrots to harvesting peppers to helping move the chicken flock from one area of the farm to another. They spend time in the fields growing veggies, washing the freshly harvested produce, and packing it up for distribution.

Just as important as growing food is cooking, eating, and enjoying it! Crew Members rotate through spending time in the kitchen exploring different ways to prepare meals with farm fresh vegetables. The whole farm community comes together over lunch to share the food from the kitchen and applaud their crew mates for the delicious meal.

 Crew Member Position Info   

Affinity Crews

Some of our Young Adult Crews are Affinity Crews. On an Affinity Crew, Members and Leaders choose to join a crew that is specifically made up of others that share an aspect of their identity. Affinity Crews are intentional spaces that foster connections between members and leaders who share and can relate to each other’s lived experiences. These crews provide opportunities for supportive relationships.

In 2022, there will be two Affinity Crews: Women’s Crew and Queer Crew.

Curious about joining an affinity crew? On the application, you’ll see a question where you can share which affinity crews interest you!

As a team, we work hard, outdoors, on projects that matter to our communities. And we grow.

Let’s talk about that a bit….

· As a team – Circle up at the start of each day – what tools do we need, which farm field or section of trail are we working, who is cooking, who is planting, who has a great game to play? “Honestly, my biggest accomplishment was making some truly incredible friends. The people I worked with at VYCC are strong, funny, passionate folks, and I am so grateful to have them in my life.” – Bex

· We work hard – We sure do! We move large rocks to build trails, harvest thousands of potatoes in a morning, dig holes to plant trees along our rivers, pack boxes of food for hundreds of families, and clean our tools at the end of a long day. “I’ve come to appreciate hard work, dirty hands and sore muscles, as these stand as a testament to the things we create.” – Alyssa

· Outdoors — On our beautiful farm in Richmond, in state parks, on trails, and on the lake. All day. Will there be rain, bugs, hot days, cold mornings, and mud? Yes, there will! Will there be Vermont beauty, songbirds, sunrises, overlooks, and the energy of being outside all day every day? Oh yeah, that too! “I’m passionate about showing people how powerful, wholesome, beautiful, and healing the outdoors can be…. Oh, and I love being SILLY!” – Andy

· On meaningful projects – that matter to our communities! We build trails that increase access to the outdoors, create backcountry infrastructure that supports our state lands, grow fresh food for Vermonters in need, and improve the health of our forests and waterways. “the town’s excitement reminds us that our work is more than cutting wood or pounding posts; we are creating access to a unique habitat, and the community’s support fuels our own interests.” – Thomas

· And grow personally— When we dig in and work together on meaningful projects, we believe in ourselves and each other, feel a strong sense of belonging, build skills, and see possibility in all directions. “My proudest moment was seeing my saw crew grow as sawyers, and see them start taking on bigger and more complex trees with confidence.” – Sable

If you are ready to dig in, with a spirit of curiosity and courage, then this is the place for you. Believe in yourself; we certainly do!

Learning together, with difference, and kindness: We are strongest when VYCC represents all members of our community, we lean into and learn from our similarities and differences, and we celebrate one another with kindness. VYCC is committed to creating an inclusive experience for our Corps Members and reducing barriers so that all people can thrive at VYCC.

For the safety of all members of VYCC, we require all staff, including all Crew Leaders and Members, to be vaccinated before their start date.  

All VYCC employees must adhere to this policy, with the exception of those with documented medical conditions that prevent such vaccination. For safety purposes, we will require Corps Members to submit proof of vaccination. This information will be kept confidential.

If you have any questions or need help finding resources to become fully vaccinated, please feel free to reach out to our Admin Manager, Kay. 

It’s the people that bring me back. There’s always someone new. I have made so many friends with the people here, this place has changed my life, for real. It really changed me for the better.

Sean, 2017 - 2019 Crew Member