“I want to be challenged with things I don’t know how to do, and get good at them.

This is my opportunity. I love it.”      – 2022 Crew Leader, Jing Ren

Whether planting crops on the farm, building stairways within the VT trail system, or improving water drainage throughout the state, Crew Leaders come to VYCC to make a difference.

During the spring, Crew Leaders arrive ready to learn and soak in all that training has to offer; get into their groove, and dive into a season of opportunity, hard work and change. Once with their crews, Leaders mentor, encourage new skill sets, help build a community and work alongside their members to make a lasting impact throughout Vermont.

At the end of the season there will be lots to be proud of: the bridge you built, the skills you gained, the crops you harvested, and the community you’ve been a part of. Join us if this sounds like the right adventure for you! Ready to dig in?

Got any questions?

Email our Recruitment Team or text us at ‪(802) 560-8466‬

We are still hiring for 2023 fall-only Conservation Crew Leaders. The other Crew Leader positions are full for 2023. Email bo.malcolm@vycc.org to be added to our email list for information about 2024 opportunities. 

Conservation Crews work in forests, on trails and in parks, taking on projects that increase outdoor access and improve the environment. Crew Leaders are the teachers, mentors, and coaches that help Members learn the skills they need and guide them in working well as team to complete their projects 

Crew Leader work either with high school aged youth, young adults 18-26, or crew members focused on gaining skills for a particular career path or trade.   

two corps members pose with completed carpentry work

Check out the position description for more specific information about the schedule for various crews. 

Once you apply, we’ll ask you more about what kinds of projects you want to work on, what ages you are interested in leading, and if you’d like to lead a day or camping crew.  

Camping crews throughout the state, day crews in Richmond, Woodstock, and Rutland 
Spring crews starting in April, summer crews starting in May, fall crews starting in August 
Weekly living allowance: $680-$775/depending on crew and experience
Bonus paid upon completion of season 



These Crew Leader positions are full for 2023. Email bo.malcolm@vycc.org to be added to our email list for information about 2024 opportunities. 

Farm Assistant Crew Leaders join the farm in the summer to co-lead a crew of high school aged Crew Members. Assistant Crew Leaders will support Crew Members in successfully growing produce for the Health Care Share project and learning how to cook with the foods they harvest. 

Location: Richmond 
Dates: May 22- August 18
Weekly compensation: $495
Education Award upon completion of service: $1,718.25


These Crew Leader positions are full for 2023. Email bo.malcolm@vycc.org to be added to our email list for information about 2024 opportunities. 

Farm Leaders serve on the farm from freezing March mornings, through sweaty July days, until crisp October evenings. They serve out in the fields, in greenhouses, work with livestock, and jump in to problem solve the daily challenges of the farm. Farm leaders bring their adaptability, commitment, and passion for food & farming to the farm program.  

There are a number of different leader roles, all with the same compensation and schedule:

March 22- October 27, 2023 
$515/week for residential members living on-site, $620/week for members living off-site 
Eligible for Segal Education Award upon completion of service: $4,546.50 
Hiring on a rolling basis until February 15th 

All Leaders start the season together with training and work in many areas of the farm (especially in the spring and fall). During the summer when high school and college age members join the farm, Leaders step more into their specialized roles. 

Youth Crew Leaders (5)- Guide a crew of high school age members in the summer, spend the spring and fall getting your hands in the soil and being a part of all aspects of work on the farm  

Production Crew Leader (2)- Guide a crew of college-age members in the summer, spend the spring and fall getting your hands in the soil and being a part of all aspects of work on the farm  

Community Health Leader– Assist in getting farm fresh produce to Health Care Share members by working on everything from member sign ups to weekly share packing and delivery logistics 
Food & Nourishment Leaders (2)- Teach summer crew members how to prepare delicious recipes with farm fresh produce and work in the kitchen to turn farm veggies into products for the Health Care Share  

Post-Harvest Leader – Help produce make its journey out of the field and into the share! Manage the washing, packing, and storage of crops  

Farm to Community Leader– Guide crew members in keeping the road side farm stand stocked and looking vibrant 



Corps Members have opportunities to work along others who share some aspect of their identity. In the past, options have included Affinity Crews or Spaces for women, queer folks, and BIPOC individuals.

If you are curious about what affinity opportunities might exist for your time with VYCC, ask us during your interview.

VYCC highly encourages all staff and Corps Members to get vaccinated against COVID-19. The CDC defines vaccinated as having received two doses of the Pfizer/Moderna vaccine or one dose of the J&J vaccine. The CDC also recommends boosters for “best protection;” however, the timing of boosters is highly dependent on previous infection and level of risk.   

In addition to vaccine recommendations, VYCC has a number of other tools that can be used to keep staff and Corps Members safe and healthy. Masking, proper hygiene, improved ventilation and air flow, testing, and isolating/staying home when you are sick are equally important tools in limiting the spread of COVID-19.

As a team, we work hard, outdoors, on projects that matter to our communities. And we grow.

Let’s talk about that a bit….

· As a team – Circle up at the start of each day – what tools do we need, which farm field or section of trail are we working, who is cooking, who is planting, who has a great game to play? “Honestly, my biggest accomplishment was making some truly incredible friends. The people I worked with at VYCC are strong, funny, passionate folks, and I am so grateful to have them in my life.” – Bex

· We work hard – We sure do! We move large rocks to build trails, harvest thousands of potatoes in a morning, dig holes to plant trees along our rivers, pack boxes of food for hundreds of families, and clean our tools at the end of a long day. “I’ve come to appreciate hard work, dirty hands and sore muscles, as these stand as a testament to the things we create.” – Alyssa

· Outdoors — On our beautiful farm in Richmond, in state parks, on trails, and on the lake. All day. Will there be rain, bugs, hot days, cold mornings, and mud? Yes, there will! Will there be Vermont beauty, songbirds, sunrises, overlooks, and the energy of being outside all day every day? Oh yeah, that too! “I’m passionate about showing people how powerful, wholesome, beautiful, and healing the outdoors can be…. Oh, and I love being SILLY!” – Andy

· On meaningful projects – that matter to our communities! We build trails that increase access to the outdoors, create backcountry infrastructure that supports our state lands, grow fresh food for Vermonters in need, and improve the health of our forests and waterways. “the town’s excitement reminds us that our work is more than cutting wood or pounding posts; we are creating access to a unique habitat, and the community’s support fuels our own interests.” – Thomas

· And grow personally— When we dig in and work together on meaningful projects, we believe in ourselves and each other, feel a strong sense of belonging, build skills, and see possibility in all directions. “My proudest moment was seeing my saw crew grow as sawyers, and see them start taking on bigger and more complex trees with confidence.” – Sable

If you are ready to dig in, with a spirit of curiosity and courage, then this is the place for you. Believe in yourself; we certainly do!

Learning together, with difference, and kindness: We are strongest when VYCC represents all members of our community, we lean into and learn from our similarities and differences, and we celebrate one another with kindness. VYCC is committed to creating an inclusive experience for our Corps Members and reducing barriers so that all people can thrive at VYCC.

I initially joined the VYCC because I wanted to experience something different. I was looking for adventure and an opportunity to try something new, I had no idea I would discover a field of work that I would become so passionate about.

Roland, 2018 Crew Member, 2019 Crew Leader