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Today is the day! Your Crew Members are meeting for the first time and, after two weeks of training, you’re on your way to building a Crew community. Excited for everyone to get to know each other and form connections, you circle up!

VYCC Crews step up to serve where they are needed. As a Crew Leader, you will grow food or build trails, while working in fields, in forests, and along waterways, putting your skills and tools to use. Crew Leaders model what it means to serve and help their crews see the positivity ripple out from their good work.

Fall 2021 update: We have hired all of our Crew Leaders for the year!

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Day Crew Leaders help youth and young adults channel their passion for learning and serving. They are community facilitators, building and supporting connection between members. Leaders guide members in individual reflection, help them set goals, and help build tools that Members can use to grow personally and professionally.

There are Day Crew positions for the Farm and Conservation Program. Farm Crews grow fresh produce for the Health Care Share, contributing to a project that supports food security in our Vermont communities. On a Farm Crew, you will be kneeling in the dirt planting seeds, harvesting pounds of carrots, and exploring new ways to cook veggies.

Conservation Day Crews grab their tools and head to parks and forests, improving places for nature to thrive and people to explore. On a Conservation Crew, you will be commuting to work by foot, making an impact on your corner of the woods, and figuring out what is the best tool for the job.

Our Day Leader positions are filled for 2021.

Camping Crews live and work together, spending all of their time immersed in the outdoors (seeing all the stars and also braving all the bugs). Camping Crew Leaders manage the project and their crew during the work day and help continue to build those connections back at camp. Camping Crews share responsibilities like making meals, building fires to gather around in the evenings, and figuring out how to spend their weekends exploring Vermont. Camping Crews work in state and local parks, in the Green Mountain National Forest, and just about anywhere their service is needed. Camping Crews work on trail construction and maintenance, carpentry, water quality improvement, and forest management. The work our Camping Crews do has a significant impact on habitat, water quality, and outdoor recreation in Vermont.

Camping Crew Leaders live and work with their crew, 24 hours a day.

Our Camping Crew Leader positions are filled for 2021.

For the safety of Corps Members, Crews, and the wider Community, VYCC encourages all staff, including all Crew Leaders and Members, to get a COVID-19 vaccine. If possible, we encourage all Crew Members and Crew Leaders to get fully vaccinated, including the two weeks to achieve full immunity, before joining a crew. Should a Corps Member need to receive their vaccine while they are in the field, we will support them in doing so.

While it is not mandatory for a Corps Member to get a vaccine, being vaccinated makes it easier to join their crew at the start of the season (no quarantine needed) and gives them more freedom during break weeks. For safety purposes, we will require Corps Members to share their vaccination status on their health form. This information will be confidential and will not affect the roles and responsibilities given to anyone on the crew.

In 2021, there will be two Affinity Crews: Womxn and Queer Crew. Affinity Crews are intentional spaces that foster connection between members and leaders who share and can relate to each other’s lived experiences. These crews provide opportunities for supportive and authentic relationships between members and leaders of shared identities as they learn and grow alongside one another.

Womxn Crew welcomes all people who identify as women, transwomen, and non-binary.

Queer Crew welcomes all people who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, questioning, trans or queer.


VYCC is challenging by design. We believe that young people discover their true potential when things get tough. Our programs set you up for success with training, support, and resources that nurture the development of:

  • Grit & Resiliency—When you join a VYCC Crew, you are tested physically, emotionally, and mentally. There will be rain, bugs, and mud but these experiences provide opportunities to rise to the challenge. With the support of your Crew, you will become stronger and more resilient.
  • Service — VYCC is dedicated to making this world a better place, but we can’t do it without you. With your help, we will build trails that increase access to the outdoors, create backcountry infrastructure that support our state lands, grow fresh food for Vermonters in need, and improve water quality. Join the hundreds of VYCC Corps Members who make a difference in Vermont every year.
  • Leadership— Leaders aren’t born, they are inspired. Every day on a VYCC crew will be filled with opportunities to engage, aspire, and grow. This is your chance to be the spark that ignites your crew and your community.

Every season, VYCC Corps Members rise to the occasion when faced with the hard work that defines life on a VYCC crew. It takes a willingness to push yourself and, for this reason, VYCC may not be for everyone. But if you are ready to dig in, with a spirit of curiosity and courage, then this is the place for you. Believe in yourself, you got this.

Diverse crews are strong crews. We believe we are strongest when VYCC represents all members of our community. We are committed to creating an inclusive and diverse experience for our Corps Members. VYCC, along with many other Corps in the country, are committed to reducing barriers and ensuring that people can see themselves on a VYCC crew.

I initially joined the VYCC because I wanted to experience something different. I was looking for adventure and an opportunity to try something new, I had no idea I would discover a field of work that I would become so passionate about.

Roland, 2018 Crew Member, 2019 Crew Leader