This could be the job that sparks your new career! 

VYCC is hiring adults, 18 and over, to work outside in the best time of year in Vermont–the fall! Become a carpenter or get paid to hike and restore sections of the Appalachian and Long Trails! These camping crews work from either July 20 or August 22 until late October. This team experience will teach you tons, build resilience,  and land you an AmeriCorps education award. Apps due 8/5. #LetsDigIn!

Questions? DM Nora, the Recruitment Manager.


VYCC Open Corps Member Positions


Parks Restoration & Carpentry Spike Crew

Work on a small team of other 18+ year old folks and learn carpentry skills at the Vermont State Parks and other sites across the state. Camp together and enjoy the beautiful fall in Vermont! This is an Americorps position that compensates with a stipend and education award upon completion of service.

Appalachian Trail Crew
We want to PAY you to hike and keep the AT in good condition this fall. Join our adult (18 or older) Spike Crew and camp and work along the trail while the leaves put on a show.

Fall Trail Crew
Come spend you fall in the Green and White Mountains! You’ll work on ridge lines down to mountain bike trails and camp along the way.

These Crews run August 22-October 29. No prior experience needed. More info here. Apply today. Apps due August 5.


Spend your fall days on our farm in Richmond harvesting, packing and delivering our Health Care Share. As a team, this crew will help us close out the fall harvest season by packing, preserving, and distributing all the incredible food we grow on our farm.

Crew runs September 2-November 1. No prior experience needed. More info here. Apply today. Apps due August 5.


Lead a fall adult crew this fall working on carpentry projects or trails throughout Vermont and New Hampshire. You must be at least 20 years old, have some outdoor work and leadership experience, as well as some additional qualifications. You will work as a pair with another Crew Leader to lead your crew from August 22 until October 29. For more information on these positions, take a look at our Leadership Positions page or check out our Conservation Crew Leader Position Description. Appy today! Apps due August 5.


#OneCorpsAllCorps | #LetsDigIn

Our Corps is made up of 200+ young people (ages 15-26) who are our Crew Members and 60+ adults who are Crew Leaders. Together, teams of 4-8 are supported by a bigger team of seasonal and full-time staff, and experts in the conservation and farming sector in Vermont. We want you to come change the world with us! Join a farming crew, growing fresh produce on our farms in Richmond or Newport or join a conservation crew and work in state parks, in city parks, and in the forests of Vermont improving access and restoring habitats. Your crew will quickly bond as you tackle challenging projects, improve your personal and professional skills, and yes, have fun! Our summer crews work in 4-week sessions, mid June until mid July, mid July until mid August. In the fall, we have one session of 8 weeks. Did we mention that you get paid? All our positions have a great compensation package that include extensive certification and training, time-off, and education related stipends or competitive seasonal wages.

Hiring update 6/24/19: Our summer season has begun! We are hiring for a limited number of Conservation Spike Crew Member positions starting on July 20, 2019, Fall Young Adult Conservation Crews starting August 22, 2019 and Fall Young Adult Farm Crews starting September 1. 

Types of Crews, Positions, and Ages

VYCC has two main types of crews.

Community Crews – Work with your crew during the day, live at home or on our campus at night. This experience is currently only available for youth. Info on conservation community crews. Info on farm community crews.

Camping Crews – Called “Spike,” you work with your crew during the day and then live together, camping nearby. Info on conservation spike crews.


Your Position In the Corps – Crew Leaders or Members


These are Vermont youth (ages 15-18) and young people and adults from all over (ages 18 and older)No experience is needed as you join a crew your same age, led by two older Crew Leaders on conservation projects or on our farm. We strive to hire crews that come from diverse backgrounds and experiences. Depending on your crew you may focus on leadership skills development, watershed restoration, trail work, farming, or more hands-on work.

Fall Crew Member applications due August 5. 

Hiring update 7/20/19: We have limited spots left adult Crew Members for long-term or fall crews.


These positions require applicants who are are at least 20 years old, (often in their 20s or 30s) who have some outdoor work and leadership experience, as well as some additional qualifications. Our crews are lead by pairs of Crew Leaders, teamed up to complement each other in skills, backgrounds, and social identities. Often we hire former Crew Members to step up to be Crew Leaders.

Hiring note: We are only hiring a few fall Crew Leader positions. Apps due 8/5.

Conservation Crew Leader Position Description

Food and Farm Crew Leader Position Description

Types of Conservation and Farm Crews + 2019 Dates

Crew experiences that start as early as March/April and go as late as October. We operate in 4-week sessions, with the majority of the season happening from mid-June until mid-August.

Conservation Community Crews – Join other Vermont youth (ages 15-18) for the summer in Burlington, South Burlington, Williston and Woodstock in city parks, natural areas, and at the Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller National Historical Park. Work with us in the day and sleep in your own bed.

I want to learn more and check the 2019 crew dates.

NOTE: All community crews have been filled.

Farm Community Crews – Team up with other Vermont youth (ages 15-18) on our farms in Richmond or in Newport for the summer. Help feed Vermonters in need through our award-winning Health Care Share program. Work with us in the day and sleep in your own bed.

Learn more and check the 2019 crew dates.

NOTE: All Farm Community Crews for 2019 are full.

Spike (Camping) CrewsVermont youth and young adults (from anywhere) dig into projects on the Long Trail, in Vermont state parks, and in the Vermont backcountry as you live/camp near your work sites. In 2019, we will have summer regional Spike youth crews in Dorset, Washington County, Lamoille. This fall, we will have young adult crews that will be in a variety of places around the state. We offer slightly longer-lasting Spike Crews into the fall and, to help increase diversity and access in the outdoors, award-winning identity-based Spike crews for American Sign Language (ASL) Inclusion and Women of Wilderness (WoW). Learn more and check the 2019 crew dates.

NOTE: We are only accepting AmeriCorps Adult Crew Member positions for an August 22 start date. Our Young Adult summer Spike Crew and 1st Session Youth Spike Crews are now full. 

Learn more and check the 2019 crew dates.

Peer Crews – These are highly skilled crews for Corps Members who team up in the spring or stick around into the fall to do more technical projects, deepening their skills together! These crews are made up of either Conservation Crew Leaders in the Spring or Fall or Food and Farm Young Adult Crew Members who are ready to work together with year-round Farm staff.

NOTE: Conservation & Farm Peer Crews are full for 2019.

Not sure what to apply for? Find your fit!

Strong crews are diverse crews.

VYCC has a deep commitment to excellence. We believe we are strongest when our team includes members with a broad range of life experiences. We strive to achieve this at all levels of our organization, and actively encourage and recruit, develop, and retain the most talented people from a diverse applicant pool. VYCC is proud to be an equal opportunity employer.

Being a VYCC alum is worth it.

After your season, you join a growing network of over 7,000 alumni who are now in tons of different job sectors, doing all sorts of cool jobs. Our alums often look to hire recent alums! VYCC is also committed to making sure you get lots of alumni perks including on-going learning opportunities in the trades, future career or college application support, pro-deals and discounts with select local businesses and the opportunity to earn academic or internship credit. Scholarships of $1,000 are available to all VYCC alumni accepted to attend Sterling College.

Prior to VYCC I had a hard time standing up for what I believed in. I didn’t have strong leadership skills and I didn’t question what was asked of me. Since joining, I have found my footing in a leadership role. I can feel myself gaining confidence in achieving my goals and going after what I want!

– Sophia, Women of Wilderness (WoW) Crew Member