You made us winners. Let’s do it again!

April 4, 2019 | 

We are excited to share some great news from our Development Team!

We knew Vermonters like VYCC, but wow, you really LOVE us.

We won first place in the VSECU We Care 2 competition, resulting in a $6,744 to fund the upcoming crew season. Thank you VSECU members!

Now, gifts made by April 12 could unlock $100K!

Every summer, VYCC provides hundreds of young people with that first work day experience (and many more). Together with your support, we can ensure all young Vermonters get through their first day and have the opportunity to propel their careers forward.

Just in time for the start of the season, we have a unique opportunity this April to unlock a  $100,000 in grant from the Gannett Foundation. Yes, that’s a 1 and FIVE 0’s. 

Your donation by April 12, gives us a better chance at winning! The more you help us raise, the more opportunities we get. Please help us make VYCC even better for the next generation of youth! Thank you!

Contact Naomi Galimidi, VYCC’s Development Director (802) 434-3969 ext. 112.