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ACgr8 Trail Crew

Crew Members: Elijah Mirman
Quinn Krantz
Steven Hummel
Olivia Frank
Orion Ladd
Merc Goldberg

Crew Leaders: Lydia Yuhas
Painter Painter

Photo location: Little River State Park, Waterbury VT

Shrek is love. Shrek is life.

AC3 Trail Crew

Crew Members: Emma "scraps" (FL)
Jack (MA)
Chris (NJ)
Amelia (IA)

Crew Leaders: Sam "spam" (MA)

Photo location: Summit of Mount Mansfield

AC3 loved conquering mountains and finding mushrooms.

AC6 Water Quality Crew - "The Wet Beatles"

Crew Members: Max Lutz
Christine Fleming
Kelly Shea
Orion Ladd
Marc Hoeppner

Crew Leaders: Caroline Martz
Mac Bentley

Photo location: Burlington, VT Bike Path

Songs were sang...wet cheese was consumed...and tents rolled.

This summer we completed a variety of projects in the name of Ringo Starr with the goal to reduce phosphorus runoff to Lake Champlain and to rock the socks off of Vermont (and some of New York).

We monitored trees in Hinesburg, designed experimental structures to mitigate gully erosion in Bridport, built water bars in Lincoln, removed water chestnuts in various locations near Crown Point, New York, and built a retention basin in Burlington.

Forestry Crew - "Fearsome Flamboyant Fouresters"

Crew Members: Justin Senackerib
Olivia Stern
Alana Tonidandel

Crew Leaders: Gray Goodman

Photo location: Green Mountain Power in Lowell, VT

"When I grow up I want to be a forester, walk through the moss on high heels."

AC6 Parks Restoration Crew - "Nature Weird"

Crew Members: Bea "Hot Sauce" Wicker (The Sea)
Diego "Mustar D" Maurice (Onions)
Rachel "Mayonnaise" Hellman (Yakmandu)
Mac The R&B Artist (Mad River Glen)

Crew Leaders: Bex "Blex" Love (The Blusiness District)
Galen "Grilled Cheese" Vissering (Home School)

Photo Location: The Squirrel Dimension

"Welcome to the 2020 breakfast competition."

AC8 Trails South

Crew Members: Emma Korte, Linden Merrill, Giselle Glaspie, and Isabel Vivanco

Crew Leaders: Mariah Flanagan and Ash Sanders

"What number was higher: the number of water bars we dug or the numbers of times we listened to Casey Jones?"

AC 7 Trails North

Crew Members: Emma McGonigle, Celia Child, Angelo Trevisani, and Raphael Burger

Crew Leaders: Sam Miller and Emily Ray

Crew Photo Location: Camel’s Hump View Trail

AC2 Many Eggs

Crew Leaders: Katie Reidinger, Karli Robertson, Galen Vissering, Miller Ward

Crew Photo Location: Waterbury Center State Park

Play Titled: “Welcome to the real world: Time Makes You Molder”

Scene Setting:
Hot days on the roof.
Hot days on the res.
Muggy days digging holes.
Rainy days under tents.

Donuts, crossroads, mcloud, mcquiet.

All (spoken in unison): All we do is dig holes, eat, sleep,
and molder.

We were left feeling lugubrious and morose.

Karli: Nonetheless...
Katie: ...we persevered. (raises her fist)
Galen: We moldered, we molded, the moldering toilet came to be.
Ooh rah, ra ra rot.

Galen: But fo realz —

Miller: We learned to support one another in the face of adversity — the pandemic the and bureaucracy.

Katie: Navigating communication with new people and with each experience.

All: This is the real world.

Karli: The work here is never done, but our time here has come and gone.


Crew Members: Orion Ladd, Xander Miller

Crew Leaders: Roland Garofalo

What the SANDI crew lacked in size we made up for in pure tenacity. Travelers, explorers, and masters of Survey Monkey; we hiked dozens of trails throughout Vermont and reached the tops of many fire towers. We are the ambassadors of Steve, pioneers of Scampys, and advocates of the incredibly obnoxious music that is the long-forgotten theme song to Wallace and Gromit.


Crew Members: Jerry Im, Galileo Defendi-Cho, Angel Mendoola, Hector Martin

Crew Leaders: Katie Reidinger, Nick Havran

AC5 spent 2 months working on carpentry projects at Groton State Forest and Little River State Park. They worked diligently and tirelessly to build bridges, compost toilets, and even a woodshed!
Throughout the season there were many laughs and memorable moments that bonded AC5 for life.

A1 Sauce*

Crew Members: Julio Escarce, Valeria Pelayo, Bex Love, Gabby Lawinger

Crew Leaders: Sage hill

A strong LGBTQA+ crew that can build you a rock staircase in a day, remove 20,000 invasive water chestnut, & clown around on their downtime. Catch us crafting on Mondays & fishing on Fridays. While we may lose our boulders down a hill you can always find us looking for a good laugh.
*Other Crew names: AC1, or The Queer Crew, or The Duck Squad


Crew Members: Connor Elliottt-Knaggs, Colin Henderson, Donovan Chamberlin, Ian Farm, Gavin Brunell, Treyveonne Williams (Not Pictured)

Crew Leaders: Vytas Nielsen, Shea Gorman


AC 2

Crew Members: Michael Kenny, Ben Falk, Matthew Barlow, Matthew Elgin

Crew Leaders: Jack McCarthy, Maya Cruikshank

On our final day of the third session, our crew drove all the way to lake Willoughby to put in a kiosk on sentinel rock. We stopped on the way home to snap this picture in front of the lake and Mount Hor. It was a beautiful day for such a drive and a pleasure to end our third session this way.

Spike 7

Crew Members: Adin Girard, Ronan Myregaard, Caleb Salisbury, Zachary Botala, Anderson Boyd, Seamus Shortle

Crew Leaders: Ryan Joseph and Nick Havran

Watch out for bears during boolin' hours.

Make sure to Rip-It.

Boothwoods is the Safety Occifer.

And Always Eat Your Grits!

Spike 4

Crew Members: Jacob Mullaney, Ewan Potvain, Dan Swanson, Savah Reiderer, Alexus Isham

Crew Leaders: Roland Garofalo and Katie Reidinger

Spike 4 worked diligently and collaborated to overcome various obstacles this session, some of which included: Hearty thunderstorms, slippery culverts, and a horse in the compost. Throughout the 4 weeks, spike 4 bonded over the shared love for board games. At the end of the session, spike 4 left feeling accomplished, exhausted, and proud of the hard work they put in during the season.

Spike 3

Crew Members: Andrew Berrian, Cassie Bettis, Quinlan Barber, Michelle Lynch, Matthew Mueller

Crew Leaders: Hanna Russell and Emily Ray

"Oh, okay." After a hot workday. the crew leaders treated the crew to freezy pops! 

Burlington Community Crew (Airpods Squad)

Crew Members: Nayan Rai, Ngor Nyal, Chan Nyal, Mohamed Samb, Matthew Orndarff, Otto Pierce

Crew Leaders: Maggie Lee and Beck Powers

We're the Star Masters, Matters of the stairs. This session was all about the next step (Quite literally, we built two staircases) and despite our occasional dysfunction and inability to take a semi-normal photo, we had a blast every step of the way (OK, that's enough stair puns)

South Burlington Community Crew (SoBu)

Crew Members: AJ Calacci, Jeremy Little, James Cortina, Ben Schoenberg, Sylvia Burkman, Aidan Mejia, Seth Cardinal, Natalie Kedzerjki

Crew Leaders: Adam Stoumen

We dug a hole and filled it back up! Making it RAIN in Montpelier while also diverting stormwater and excess nutrients away from the Winooski river!

Spike 3 (WoW)

Crew Members: Ellie cook, Glo Harman, Celia Burrington, Mia Houston, Katherine Koehler, Sarah Murphy

Crew Leaders: Hannah Russell, Emily Ray

Heckin yah we can!!

Woodstock Crew

Crew Members: Zoe Nupier, Britney Bockholts, Will Duane, Austine Clarke, Silus Bohen, Srenn Johannenson

Crew Leaders: Vytas Nielson, Chancey Clark


Dorset Regional

Crew Members: Skyler Brady, Noah Forest, Michael McCann, Cody Willis

Crew Leaders: Cady George, Adam Brown

For four weeks, the Dorset Regional spike crew worked on a track re-route for the Owl's Head Town Forest in Dorset, VT. Over those four weeks, they consumed an impressive amount of chili, got eaten alive by mosquitos and ticks alike, and filled out too much paperwork that six pens ran out of ink. Most importantly, though, they built a turnpike (and named every rock that went into it), cut tread, and started the construction of a bridge - the first of three.

Williston Community Crew (Willy)

Crew Members: Jasmin Santiago, Cameron Quinlan, Grace Brouilette, Alex Sweeney, Jake Bronner, Nick Parker, James Eustace

Crew Leaders: Kris Hunt, Adam Stoumen

"Gonna take my horse to the old stage Rd, gonna ride till I can't no more"
- #mrDing-a-LingProvides

Spike 2

Crew Members: Rhys Danforth, Benji Carlo, Jack Chaput, Logan Cameron, Dylan Deyo, Barrett Brady, Ethan Roussin, Alder Donovan

Crew Leaders: Sam Miller, Jasper Cowley

2, 4, 6, 8, who do we hate? 

Burlington Community Crew (Session 1)

Crew Members: Mariah Larson, Gracie Bangoura, Jay Beatsimm, Elizabeth Crawford, Davis Rock-Jones, Ethan Hobbs, Mohamed Moge, Ngor Nyal

Crew Leaders: Maggie Lee, Beck Powers

We went crazy for these stairs! 2 weeks, 8 steps, too much dirt moved and we're still grinning and having a blast... dare I say... too much fun? No such thing.

Burlington Community Crew (session 1)

Crew Members: Sadie Everett, Hannah Frasure, MacKenzie Giroux, Kyle Sizemore, Ethan Hobbs, Ethan No, Will Belluche, James Cortina

Crew Leaders: Emily Anderson, Jacob Kroes

Washington County Crew (session 2)

Crew Members: Hadara Bock, Zuzu Thamm, Alex Pouliot, Luke Belitsos, Pheobe Osadchey Bown, Chandra Becker, Roy Wescom.

Crew Leaders: Jessie Warren, Kent Harlow

Washington County Crew (session 1)

Crew Members: Isabel Masi, Phoebe Osadechey Brown, Nicholas Richards, Ben Mays, Joseph Deuso, Chandra Becker, Roy Wescom.

Crew Leaders: Jessie Warren, Kent Harlow

Burlington Community Crew (session 2)

Crew Members: Lillian Thayer, Nora Jacobsen, John Tran, Ethan No, Kyle Sizemore, Augie Thomson

Crew Leaders: Emily Anderson, Jacob Kroes

Spike 2.1

Crew Members: Ben James, Korra Sousie, Jessy Dixon, Owen Maille, Lizzie Carter

Crew Leaders: Cody Philipot, Ryan Cutillo

Spike 2.1 Dorset

Crew Members: Ben James, Korra Sousie, Jessy Dixon, Owen Maille, Lizzie Carter

Crew Leaders: Cody Philipot, Ryan Cutillo

2018 Newport Community Farm Crew

Crew Members: Jaden Wiley, Addison Abbott, Bella Carlos, Darion Forbes, David Mohamed , Mariah Murray, and Hannah Cunningham

Crew Leaders: Katie Cleary

“The power of youth is the common wealth for the entire world. The faces of young people are the faces of our past, our present and our future. No segment in the society can match with the power, idealism, enthusiasm and courage of the young people.”- Kailash Satyarthi

South Burlington Crew Session 1

Crew Members: Marlee McDermott, Myla Jacobs, Anita Pradhan, Logan Parker, Dylan Deyo, Patrick Kwass, Ben Mumma

Crew Leaders: Jerad Fisher

"You Are Love!"

South Burlington Crew Session 2

Crew Members: Ben Schoenberg, Dylan Deyo, Aidan Williams, Jeremy Little. Bottom, Seth Vagt-Bendowski, Kaitlinn Little, David Owyang

Crew Leaders: Hunter Grosvenor

Spike 5

Crew Members: Luther Millison (VA)
Brittney Buick (VT)
Emily Auld (NY)
Eleanor Crawford (MO)
John Russell (NY)
Avery Wallis (VT)
Emily Wight (VT)

Crew Leaders: Sage Hill (OR)

NCYCC Crew 3.2

Crew Members: Joesph Martin, Amelia Share, Chole Micale, Ella srikhinsawan, Tiffany Azubath, Gabriel baker, Rory French, Nate

Crew Leaders: Mitchell Miller

"I got no roots."

NCYCC Crew 3

Crew Members: Luke Dali , Grace Parker, Sophie Lorenzo, Ryan Cherry, Gaines Diseker, Ella Srikhinsawan, Logan Lahorn

Crew Leaders: Mitchell Miller

"Fire extinguisher."

NCYCC Crew 2

Crew Members: Bryan Allison, Roman Watson, Lyra Aquino, Kate Kullinski, Branson Williams , Sinclair Biles, Comfort Johnson

Crew Leaders: Kevin Conley, Noelle Rizzardi

"It's gonna rain!"

NCYCC Crew 1

Crew Members: Siri Norris, Grace Simmons, Alyssa Chen, Morgan Hunneke, Cy Neff, Max Albrich

Crew Leaders: Nick havaran, Alex Dabby

Our crew loved working in Morrow Mountain state park!

Richmond Community Farm Crew 2

Crew Members: Ana Dragon, Kyle Weatherhogg, Ubah Hussein, Ryan Gladstone, Annie Hill, Kai Dragon, Ismail Hussein.

Crew Leaders: Kyle Weatherhogg

Burlington Community Crew

Crew Members: Sadie Everett
Hannah Frasure
MacKenzie Giroux
Will Belluche
Ethan No
Ethan Hobbs
Kyle Sizemore
James Cortina

Crew Leaders: Jacob Kroes,
Emily Anderson

Woodstock Community Crew

Crew Members: Henry Greene
Noah Anderson
Addison Judge
Elijah Dooley
Christian Blaue
Silas Bohen
Asa Gaddis

Crew Leaders: Josh Carter and Alex Altenkirch


Spike 6.2

Crew Members: Veronica Phillips (LA)
Takoda Culp (VT)
Logan Cameron (VT)
Elm Lapoint (VT)
Jake Mullaney (VT)

Crew Leaders: Terry Gardner, Peter Gruchot

Let them read your future to you in the Tarot.

Spike 4.2

Crew Members: Benji Carlo
Kamran Curlin
Gavin Glidden
Asa Shlansky
Olivia Hunt
Willa King (NY)
Kara Lescord

Crew Leaders: Jerad Fisher (MO), Emma Weisner (MN)

Come on Eileen, bucket hats are where it’s at!

Williston Community Crew

Crew Members: Cole ZuWallack
James Eustace
Nick Parker
Bryant Alrich
Noah Townley
Shania Elias
Luisa Hutt
Kat Little

Crew Leaders: Josh Carter (VT), Alex Altenkirch (NC)

Take me out to the culverts. Next game, tomorrow!

Spike 6.1

Crew Members: Kayla Prouty (VT)
Fabian Reyes (VT)
Michael McCann (VT)

Crew Leaders: Terry Gardner (NY), Peter Gruchot (IL)

Watch out for this crew at your local Magic the Gathering tournament… in addition to building great trails, they built powerful decks!

Spike 4.1

Crew Members: Sam Keller (VT)
Liam Hecht (VT)
Josh Scheidt (VT)
Walker Willey (VT)
Olivia Bernier (VT)
Sam Pancoe (PA)
Theresa Steward (VT)
Asa Skinder* (VT)

Crew Leaders: Ben Dobkin (NJ) Emma Weisner (MN)

From buildin’ yurt platforms to swizzlin’ meadows to diggin’ new tread: Spike 4 was a can-do crew!

Spike 1 Female Leadership Development

Crew Members: Caitlin Gosciminski (RI)
Deirdre O’Malley (OH)
Abby Mahoney (MD)
Cybill Biehlmann (MN)
Alisa Chen (MI)
Kalle Fox (FL)
Kate Lynch (NY)

Crew Leaders: Eden Hartung (MI)

"Women of the woods!"

Brattleboro Community Crew (BrattPack)

Our crew's culture is embodied in the season 3 episode of Spongebob. We use the victory screech to announce successes! "Blululululululuh!!!"

Spike 3 - American Sign Language Crew

Crew Members: Brian Baez, Micha Stenman, and Lawryn Hernandez


Spike 3, the American Sign Language (ASL) Crew, is made up of deaf and heard of hearing youth from schools around the North East. We spent most of our time in the field braving Mount Washington's Alpine Zone and trying out recipes with Chicken of the Wood. Happy to be a part of the bicentennial celebration of Crawford Path, we piled scree and built stone steps to preserve the unique plant life. Deaf can!

Richmond 1 Farm Crew

Crew Members: Sam Churchill, Lucy Picard, Omar Hussein, Nick Bender, Sean Soukone and Najib Ali.

Crew Leaders: Benji Astrachan

“Let’sh go, boysh!” Richmond 1 had a great season getting to know each other over scuffle hoes and sweet dance moves.

2017 NC 3

Crew Members: Julia Slater, Sarah Farrin, Ryan Cherry, Morgan Hunneke, Connor Watt, Jeremiah Buchanan, Andrew Gross

Crew Leaders: Peter Grunwald, Jamie Ziolkowski

2017 NC 2

Crew Members: Ailey Morlino, Emmy Norris, Thomas Birch, Bryan Allison, Luke Dalli, Meagan Saendorph

Crew Leaders: Shayden Joe and Jen Greig

2017 NC 1

Crew Members: Kara Norris, Breanna Myers, Katie Melvin, Alex Altenkirch, Fabian Martin-Brian, Emery Lovecamp, Nathaniel Han

Crew Leaders: Nicole Allen and Josh Carter

2017 AC 5 (PRC Crew)

Crew Members: Amaris Torres, Clare Waldoch, Ciecha Ravelin, Lily Spinard, Marvin Young, Heather Eldridge, Austin Moody

Crew Leaders: David Pierce and Lindsay Wright

2017 AC 4 (FPR Trails)

Crew Members: Marissa Wales, Erika Akerson, Kayla Urbanowski, Barron Allison, Connor Newton, Lorenzo Quevedo

Crew Leaders: Ricky Ortiz and April Simmons

2017 Americorps 2 (PRC Crew)

Crew Members: Maddison Shropshire, Victoria Best, Marvin Young, Lily Spinard

Crew Leaders: Mike Anderson

"L.N.T.O.D." (Leave no trace or die)

2017 Americorps 1 (Harrison's Crew)

Crew Members: Alexis Garcia, Heather Eldridge, Austin Moody

Crew Leaders: Paul Rando

"Who's a good boy?" We worked across the street from an elderly couple who had the most excitable little terrier named Harrison. The husband kept telling us we were Harrison's Crew!

Brattleboro Crew (Screaming Peacocks / The Family)

Crew Members: First Session: Tyler Harrison, Gabriel Earley, Charles Burroughs, Jenna Kerylow, Kristy Cominoli, Leila Kouakou, Sapphyre Meizis
Second Session: Lucas Saunders, Sapphyre Meizis, Colin Costa-Walsh, Gabriel Earley, Nathanial Greene, Kristy Cominoli, Leila Kouakou, Tyler Harrison

Crew Leaders: Conor Floyd, Mark Hudyma

"Bubble car, Carlos and Jason, gorilla run, spontaneous singing, Word Clue, work work work work work work." The Family includes: Tyler (uncle grandpa), Colin (Arabian prince), a squirrel, Taco Bell, Donnie the Cricket, and a slug.