VYCC Statehouse Day: “I’ll be a better informed citizen!”

April 1, 2019 | 

Fresh off of Town Meeting Day 2019, VYCC fielded a one-day-only “Statehouse Crew” of recent Vermont alumni for a day of learning and conversation with Vermont lawmakers. We had one-on-one meetings with Governor Scott, Senate Pro Tem Ashe, Speaker Johnson, Lt. Governor Zuckerman, and many, many lawmakers throughout the day.

I had the great pleasure of speaking with alumni after their statehouse day. Here are excerpts of the smart and inspiring things they had to say!

Llu at VYCC: What did you learn during the day?

Alum Nick B: “I got a chance to learn more about the roles of our state leaders, such as Senate Pro Tem Tim Ashe, Speaker of the House Mitzi Johnson, and Lieutenant Governor David Zuckerman. It was interesting to learn about their jobs, and how VYCC relates to what they do. I had a chance to hear a lobbyist at work in a positive way, working to pass a bill on better education. In all, it was a great glimpse into the workings of state government.”

Alum Marlee M: “There’s a lot more citizen voice and involvement in how the government works than I had thought before!

Alum Nick P: “I learned how open and inviting the Vermont Legislature is.

Alum Anna D: “I really enjoyed getting to learn more about what the people at the statehouse do. It was really interesting to sit in on the beginning of their session.

Llu at VYCC: What did you take away from the day?

Alum Marlee M: “I now know tha

t each individual actually has a good amount of power to make change according to the things that they value most.

Alum Nick P: “I will for sure vote and go back (if an issue warrants a visit). It was awesome!

Alum Nick B:I’ll use the experiences I had that day to just be a better informed citizen and understand how the people I vote for work to make change. I now understand the kinds of people that can operate best in certain government positions. Tim Ashe told us how important it is to a have a Pro Tem that’s open to talking with all the senate members and inclusive of everyone who wants to have their voice heard. Having this knowledge, I would vote for and support candidates for the State Senate that would have the potential to fill that role if they are voted in by the other senators. I don’t think that I have the natural social ability that many politicians have and would not be able to successfully lead in government because of that. But, I certainly plan to vote in all future elections for which I am eligible to vote, and stay educated on the roles and leaders in my state government. Thanks for the opportunity!

What a great range of thoughts on their day in “the people’s house!” Thanks Statehouse Crew!

VYCC began our “one-day-only Statehouse Crew” in 2018 to connect our alum directly with lawmakers making decisions about the future of Vermont. Current bills on climate change, workforce readiness, clean water, and more impact the future of our Corps Members, Vermont, and VYCC.

Corps Member responses collected and condensed by Llu Mulvaney-Stanak, Officer of Community Engagement at VYCC.