VYCC Staff Send Chainsaw Crew to Audubon

November 10, 2017 | 

At the very end of October, Vermont was hit by a high powered wind storm that knocked down trees of all sizes all over the state. Much of the biggest damage was within our forests, impacting trail networks and making some impassable. The Audubon Vermont trails in upper Richmond were badly damaged and in need of highly technical tree removal—something we teach our VYCC crews each year.

So, what do good Vermont neighbors do? We pulled out our chainsaws and safety gear and made a day of it with our HQ staff.

“We were proud to be able to help a great, local organization and have the chance to demonstrate our excellent team work and attention to safety while doing trail repair,” said Breck Knauft, VYCC Executive Director.

Watch the short NBC5 piece about this project day.

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