2021 Farm Recap: The Difference You Made

January 28, 2022 | 

After many months of hard work, the Farm at VYCC is all tucked in for winter. We’d like to take this moment to celebrate the many ways you – the VYCC community – have joined Corps Members to power the farm this year.

Crew Members, Health Care Share Members, medical center partners, volunteers, community groups, local businesses, nonprofits, and donors worked together to improve food access through sustainable agriculture and community-building.

In spring and fall, hundreds of you visited the Farm at VYCC to volunteer in the fields alongside Crew Members. You helped grow and harvest 70,000 lbs. of produce. Most went into the Health Care Share, and was distributed to fellow Vermonters in 4,602 boxes filled with fruit, veggies, and other local products.

You shopped the Farm Stand, choosing from a new variety of produce freshly picked and stocked each week. Thank you and we hope you enjoyed many delicious meals from it!


You also came out to celebrate! You chose the West Monitor Barn as the backdrop for your weddings and company gatherings and hiked trails overlooking the Farm. 152 of you joined the Nulhegan Coosuk Band of the Abenaki, the VYCC community, and NOFA-VT in celebration during the Abenaki Land Link Harvest Festival this September.

You even participated in improving the health of our soil. Thank you for helping us return approximately 30,000 lbs. of compost to soil that will nourish next year’s crops.

Health Care Share sponsors contributed time, goods, sweat equity, expertise, and funding to ensure a successful season. We would like to thank:

Thank you for making VYCC a place for connection, growth, challenge, and opportunity for a better future. We cannot wait to get started on another successful season with you in the spring.