Stephen Cohen, Staff Board Member

March 22, 2022 | 

Stephen has been working in a variety of positions at VYCC from Youth Community Crew Leader to his current role as a Project Manager, and has collaborated with all segments of the organization. He has been steeped in VYCC and 2022 will be his 8th season helping to facilitate experiences for our programs. In that time, he has developed both a wide and deep perspective on the experiences of different levels of our programs and organization. He is excited to share this insight and to use it as a tool to bring together the many corners of VYCC! He is also excited to work with new folks, and in a new way, at VYCC to continue to broaden his VYCC horizons. There are so many roles we all play and ways that we contribute, and having perspective and interaction with all of those brings a wholistic view that can, in turn, improve ways we fulfill our mission.

The VYCC board includes a rotating 1-year staff position as an ex-oficio member of the Board of Directors. To learn more about Stephen, see his staff bio here.

Pronouns: he/him