We are honored to have our community’s continued support.

“I give monthly because VYCC provides a vital service to underrepresented youth who, with a little education and training, can propel themselves into successful careers.”

– Jim Thomas

VYCC crews complete high-priority projects in every county of Vermont. We would like to thank all the donors and sponsors that have made these statewide efforts possible. For a complete list of donors and sponsors, please read our latest annual report.

Join the Keystone Crew and be a part of supporting young people’s path to success, Vermont’s natural landscapes, and neighbors in need.

VYCC’s Keystone Crew is a generous group of individuals, who have signed up to give automatically every month or quarter to supply vital funding that keeps VYCC’s mission secure and steady. Sign up today by visiting vycc.org/keystone and selecting the donation frequency drop down to choose an option that suits you best.

We are deeply appreciative to the following Keystone Crew Members:

  • Donald and Irene Ballas
  • Alan Betts and Karen James
  • Carol and Allen Cherin
  • Kenneth and Donavee Copenhaver
  • William Delorenzi
  • Mark English
  • Tere Gade
  • David and Kathy Hooke
  • Ellen Miles
  • Anne Oakes
  • Marilyn and John Sowles
  • James Thomas
  • David Usher

More About VYCC

Learn more about our work and the individuals and organizations who support us in our most recent annual report.

Learn more about VYCC’s fiscal health and history, including 990s and audited annual financial statements here.