Rowan Kamman

November 3, 2022 | 

Far back in the mists of time, like 2014, Rowan joined a VYCC Conservation crew and spent the season moving heavy things around, wearing PPE, and stepping in mud. For some reason he found this rather satisfying. Later experience with professional trail work, backcountry camp caretaking, snowmaking, thru hiking, and working with an outdoor high school program gave him a deep appreciation for the nexus of nature, community, and hard work. His 2 cents from all this help him support crews and the Conservation program in his role as Field Coordinator. A Vermont youth by birth, Rowan is an endurance coach, rabid-but-not-the-proselytizing-type-of Phish fan, athlete, and enthusiastic writer of lists and commas.
Pronouns: he/him / (802) 434-3969