Magen Farley

April 17, 2023 | 

Magen believes creativity adds the best spice to life. Magen was born in Panama and moved all around the world, settling in Vermont with her family at 10. She instantly fell in love with the state. While she did move to Central Coast California for a couple years after college, she found that the lack of seasonal changes was driving her batty, so she hightailed it back east. Magen explored a wide variety of employment areas, including an animal shelter, an avian rehabilitation center, an editing company for scientific journals, and a luxury textiles company. She was a VYCC crew member about a million years ago, and is excited to return. Magen enjoys hiking, exploring new places, trying new recipes, fiber arts, and writing that novel she swears she’ll finish one day. She loves to curl up at her home in Randolph with a book and her cats, Nobody and Morpheus.

Pronouns: she/her