Humans of VYCC: Hans Melhus…fan of spider plants and carpooling

January 2, 2020 | 

Humans of VYCC: A Q&A with Hans Melus, Conservation Program Coordinator

The full-time and seasonal staff at VYCC are some of the most talented, hip, and interesting professionals you will ever meet. Ok, we are a little biased, but for real, they are pretty awesome. Learn more about some of the staff who make the behind the scenes magic happen for VYCC in our new series, “Humans of VYCC!”

Let’s introduce you to Hans Melus, our Conservation Program Coordinator, staff member since 2017 and VYCC alum.

Tell us a story about something cool you keep at your desk and why!

I have my spider plant. It is the offspring of the offspring of a plant I got my fourth grade teacher, Mrs. Hammond.

What’s special to you about living in Vermont?

Being so close to both the ‘wilderness’ and ‘civilization.’

What was your first job?

I had a job haying fields for a summer. It was hot but fun. I listened to a lot of Beastie Boys and Weird-Al that summer.

What is an everyday thing you do to lessen your carbon footprint? 

I try to minimize the plastic bags, e.g., grocery bags, zip-locs. I don’t use paper towels at home, just wash cloths. I also only shower when necessary. I carpool to work when I can and bundle all of my errands when I am already out and about.

What was a recent favorite book of yours? What are you listening to?

The Kingkiller Chronicles by Patrick Rothfuss. Great fantasy series but it’s not finished yet. Still waiting on the third book.

I’ve been listening to my cousin’s, Caroline Rose, new album, Superstar. It’s pretty awesome and she used to live in Burlington for some time. She’s out on tour now.

What’s something you’re really stinkin excited about this year? (doesn’t have to be VYCC related)

I’m excited to garden and watch the plants grow from seeds.

What was a great piece of advice have you been given that you still use today?

Advocate for yourself because no one else will.

Learn more about Hans on our staff page.