Humans of VYCC: Halle Harklau, avid reader of The New Yorker…calendar

January 3, 2020 | 

Humans of VYCC: A Q&A with Halle Harklau, Conservation Program Coordinator

The full-time and seasonal staff at VYCC are some of the most talented, hip, and interesting professionals you will ever meet. Ok, we are a little biased, but for real, they are pretty awesome. Learn more about some of the staff who make the behind the scenes magic happen for VYCC in our new series, “Humans of VYCC!”

Let’s introduce you to Halle Harkalu, our Conservation Program Coordinator, staff member since 2019 and VYCC alum.

Tell us a story about something cool you keep at your desk and why!

I have a calendar of New Yorker cartoons that I keep around because they are funny!

What’s special to you about living in Vermont?

Everything maple! And sugar on snow.

What was your first job?

Sailing Instructor

What is an everyday thing you do to lessen your carbon footprint? 

Buying in bulk, walking places instead of driving.

What was a recent favorite book of yours? What are you listening to?

Just read A Gentleman in Moscow.

Really been on an Awkwafina kick recently.

What’s something you’re really stinkin excited about this year? (doesn’t have to be VYCC related)

The Olympics (but PLG already answered that). Interested to see what summer seltzer flavors Polar will release.

What was a great piece of advice have you been given that you still use today?

Just ask… even if it seems impossible.

Learn more about Halle on our staff page.