Our crews are trained and ready to work.

VYCC provides crews on a weekly or monthly basis to towns, agencies, or organizations in need of short-term crew services. Crews work on public lands and waterways (including private lands with public easements). Preferred projects have long-term impact, provide educational opportunities, and are a good fit with the skills and abilities of the crew. The partnering agency provides funding to support a portion of the crew costs for the project, and VYCC will match a portion of those expenses. Let us help you sponsor a VYCC crew!

VYCC has demonstrated for more than 30 years that young people are highly capable of completing challenging conservation projects. Our mission of personal responsibility is fulfilled by providing a supportive team environment with highly qualified leaders, and at the same time giving Corps Members real responsibilities and holding them accountable to a high standard of work and professional behavior.


  • Crew(s) of 5-10 people, fully trained and supported by a professional staff
  • Administrative and logistical oversight of the crew: hiring, supervision, payroll, training, risk management, workers’ compensation, liability insurance, transportation
  • Basic tools, personal protective equipment, and first aid supplies
  • Rigorous education for Corps Members (daily reading, writing, and discussion program)
  • Additional project planning consultation services are available at an hourly rate of $50.


  • Specialized tools, materials, and project supplies as necessary
  • Technical support as necessary
  • Supervision of work projects (typically one visit per week)
  • Funding match dependent on project type

I can see exactly how I can make a difference through conservation work. Our crew has directly impacted the people who enjoy Vermont State Parks. I want to continue this kind of work and help to ensure that all sorts of people can have access to nature, have an opportunity to feel that inner peace. VYCC has shown me that I can make that ideal a reality.”

— Karen