From Los Angeles to Vermont

October 31, 2019 | 


This season VYCC hosted three young adults from Los Angeles through a new Corps Member exchange project with the Los Angeles Conservation Corps. Angel, Hector and Val took advantage of the opportunity to broaden their horizon’s, while preparing for their futures.


Angel explains that he comes from a place much less friendly, with a stark difference in environment. He immediately grew an affinity for Vermont’s Green Mountain landscape, and for its people. As he looks around at the trees and his crew, he simply and deeply remarks, “I like this.”

Angel is grateful for his time in Vermont – especially the education award available to him through AmeriCorps. He has been using his body for work, and now he wants to use his mind. We’re excited to see Angel pursue school back in L.A. after his service.




Hector also can’t help but look up and around as he talks about his experience in Vermont. He loves the green spaces and being in the woods. He’s especially thankful for learning new skills in carpentry that compliment trail building skills.

Getting out of what he calls his “bubble” to experience a more rural and wild place, he talks about his future with real optimism. “VYCC has really helped me get more skills to do work for the state parks and eventually get back to Cali to do conservation work and start my own business.”

Through VYCC, Hector has worked closely with many state parks staff who can help him back in L.A. – professionals in the field who have offered to vouch for him. In short, Hector is on his way to landing his dream job working to protect California’s natural resources!



Val went to college in Western Massachusetts, and was especially excited to be back in New England to work outside. She worked on a crew dedicated to improving the health of our watersheds and forests. The hands on, in-the-dirt experience has helped her connect tangible projects with academic concepts, something that will be helpful as she works toward becoming a high school science teacher.



With a successful first season under our belts, we look forward to welcoming more young adults from L.A. to the Green Mountain State next year!

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