More than a weekly farm share

The Food and Farm Program is now offering a 15-week certified organic community-supported agriculture (CSA) share that is more than vegetables.

Your membership cultivates the food security and health of your neighbors while empowering young Vermonters to address the complex issues of hunger, nutrition, food access, sustainable agriculture, and responsible land use in their community.

The Food and Farm program is bringing back our two-season (summer and fall) CSA this year with a limited number of Cultivating Member shares. Fees from this special CSA go directly to fund our Health Care Share program which puts Vermont youth to work on the Farm at VYCC and provides organically grown food to families in need. Skip right to the sign-up app!

Join by July 1 to enjoy our limited two-season CSA that feeds you, supports Vermonters in need, and employs local!

What does your share cost? What does it include? Details below!

  • The Cultivating Member CSA costs $400 for 6 months of produce. You will receive 12 to 15 pound of produce every week from July to September. In the fall you will receive 25 pounds of produce once a month from October to December. The CSA costs $400.
  • Pick Up Days: You will get 12 weekly pickups of organic produce July through September and 1 pick-up per month, a total of 3, from October to December.
  • Pick up sites: Pick up locations are at the Farm at VYCC at 1949 East Main St. in Richmond or at sites in Chittenden and Washington Counties (ask for details when you sign up).
  • Farm Bucks! You will receive $50 of Farm Bucks that can be used at the Farm Stand at VYCC to supplement your weekly share. Throughout the season you can find herbs, pasture raised eggs, chickens, flowers, and more vegetables!
  • Pay In Installments: You can make your payment in one of three ways: one time (due two weeks after signing up) two installments (due on the 15th in June and July), or three installments (due on the 15th of June, July, and August).

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*VYCC is a member of NOFA-VT. Produce is certified organic by Vermont Organic Farmers (VOF).

*The value of a Cultivating Member (and Health Care Share) CSA is higher than the price of the share over the course of the season. Members realize savings over farm stand purchases.

    CSA Overview

What sets our CSA program apart from the rest?

Our Cultivating Member CSA is more than just vegetables. With your membership, you feed your family with high-quality certified organic produce while also purchasing a food share for a Vermont family in need. In addition, your CSA purchase supports local youth through employment at our headquarter farm and partner farms throughout the state.

How can I ensure that your food is safe and clean?

Our farm is Certified Organic by Vermont Organic Farmers. We also participate in produce safety planning through the University of Vermont Extension and all of the produce in your share has been thoroughly cleaned in our wash station.


How many weeks is my CSA?

Each Cultivating Member CSA includes 15 farm shares: 12 weekly shares throughout the growing season and 3 monthly shares into the fall.

When are pick-ups?

The first pick-up will be the first week of July, dates TBA! In October, November, and December, shares will transition into monthly boxes.

Where are pick-ups?

Our main pick-up location will be at our headquarter farm in Richmond (1949 East Main Street). If this is inconvenient for you, please contact us for more information on other pick-up sites throughout Washington and Chittenden counties!

Can someone else pick-up my share? Do I have to notify you?

If you cannot make your pick-up, let us know in advance when you are able to retrieve it and we will store your share at our headquarter farm in Richmond for up to three days. If you are away and unable to get your share, we cannot offer the share later. Consider offering your share to a family member or friend that week!

What if there is produce in the share I don’t want or like?

Each week, we work hard to harvest and package shares for more than 400 families through our Cultivating Member and Health Care Share programs. In order to meet demand, we ask that if there is a veggie that isn’t your favorite, you share it with friends, families, or coworkers!

    Finances & Payment

What are my payment options?

We accept cash, credit, or check as payment for your CSA. Payments can be made in full or in installments of two or three. See our “Payment Options” below for more information!

Do I save money through CSA rather than just purchasing from the Farm Stand at VYCC?

Yes. With a Cultivating Member CSA, you will gain around 10% in savings. The share is lighter in earlier weeks and provides $24 worth of produce, but as the season picks up you will a receive a greater value of food in each share than the share costs you!

What are VYCC Farm Bucks?

VYCC Farm Bucks can be redeemed at the Farm Stand at VYCC to buy eggs, pasture raised chickens, herbs, flowers, and additional vegetables. You may also use them to pre-order any of these items and add them to your share!

Will my VYCC Farm Bucks roll over into next year?

No, your VYCC Farm Bucks do not roll over and must be used within the year. To help you use them, we offer a variety of eggs, frozen pasture-raised chickens, vegetables, flowers, and herbs to purchase through the Farm Stand at VYCC!

Can I add to my share for additional costs?

If you let us know a week in advance, we can add eggs, chicken, herbs, extra produce, and sometimes flowers to your share for an additional cost. This can be paid using your VYCC Farm Bucks, cash, or check.

We accept cash, credit, or check as payment for your Cultivating Member CSA. You can pay in one of three ways:

Payment in Full

A one-time payment of $400

2 Installments

Two payments of $200 due on June 15th and July 15th.

3 Installments

Three payments of $133, $133, $134 for a full-size share due on June 15th, July 15th, and August 15th respectively.


Checks should be made payable to VYCC with Cultivating Member Share written in the memo line. They can be mailed to:

Vermont Youth Conservation Corps

ATTN: Claire Londagin

1949 East Main Street

Richmond, VT 05477”

Card or Cash Contact to arrange payment