Donor Summer Crew: You’re Making History!

August 19, 2019 | 

VYCC supporters are teaming up to make the biggest Donor Summer Crew in VYCC’s history!

Emily (holding sign) appreciates compliments from members of her own community of Rutland who thanked her for her work. They are grateful the bridges she built will be there for a long time, for lots of people to use. “That was really awesome,” she said.

Showing 2019 Corps Members their community is rooting for them.

459 people contributed $38,785!

Upon learning about the Donor Summer Crew, Farm Crew member Ethan exclaimed, “It’s kind and amazing! Donors are part of the VYCC family.”

Conservation Crew Leader Ryan said “This is a great example of Vermonters helping Vermonters. It speaks to the power of small-town support, knowing that someone we haven’t met cares about what we are doing.”

Ethan takes a moment from harvesting Napa cabbage to say thank you

Corps Members like Ethan (pictured left) and Ryan (pictured with his crew, bottom) are making their summer matter. They signed up for an experience they knew would be challenging, action-packed, and leave them beaming with pride and accomplishment.

Members will leave behind staircases, bridges, new trails, cleaner waterways, and full bellies across the state, from the top of Mount Mansfield, along Pownal’s Hoosic River, to Newport’s Bluffside Farm, and points in between.

Working, Learning, and Leading Toward a Brighter Future

We are doing more to help youth connect what they learn at VYCC to their education and next career steps. This year, we built a new orientation. Workshops, projects and excursions prepared Members to succeed this summer, and to set high-reaching future goals.

We are also doing more to support youth in building connections to community. On the final evening of orientation, volunteers prepared and served dinner. It was a literal taste of the support Members receive from the whole of Vermont and beyond.

We’re not leaving them with just at taste. We’re aiming to give them the whole enchilada! Our 2019 Donor Summer Crew is showing Corps Members that their entire community is behind them.

As Members head out to their next venture, they will take with them (all new!): A resume that highlights leadership and interpersonal skills. A letter of recommendation from their Leaders. Skills to manage emotional wellbeing, personal finances, and a healthy diet. Plus, access to new Alumni Services which will connect Members to opportunities after VYCC.

This in addition to VYCC’s 35-year track record of teaching leadership and collaboration skills, work ethic, and conservation ethic.

Our Donor Crew is giving them even more to take home: the knowledge that their community believes in them and appreciates the work they did this summer.

We are so grateful to have supporters like you who show young people in Vermont they are worth investing in. Thank you!

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