Matt Hanks – Production Leader

April 12, 2023 | 

Pronouns: he/him

Coming from a background in film, media theory, and literature, Matt is proud to share his love for creativity with VYCC. He believes it’s essential to re-evaluate our relationship with the land not just by implementing more conscious agricultural practices but also by examining our language and how it conditions our thoughts and behavior. After all, when we’re speaking, we’re using an ancient invention that’s as tricky as it is impressive. Before honing his filmmaking techniques at Emerson College and then majoring in English at UVM, Matt lived and worked on a horticultural farm in Spain. This experience radically changed his perspective on life. Ever since then, Matt has been an enthusiastic gardener and a full-blown tree-hugging nature-lover. If you can’t find him wandering the woods on his time off, he’s most likely editing that movie script with the socialite geraniums.