Andy Bainton – Crew Leader

April 19, 2022 | 

Pronouns: He/Him

Andy was delighted to learn that work didn’t have to look like sitting at a computer for eight hours a day. He studied Economics at Vanderbilt University and towards the end of his education, he read a book called “The Fate of Food” by one of his professors, Amanda Little. This book taught him about environmental challenges perpetuated by food systems and inspired him to pursue a career in search of solutions. Since then he has been working on farms and recalled that some of his favorite days from childhood were spent gardening with his mom. Andy is excited to continue learning about soil ecology, permaculture, and communitybuilding through farming. Outside of farming, he’s passionate about music, loves to sing and dance, and is excited about learning new languages. Catch him biking, swimming, hiking, and farming all summer long!