Claudia Sacks & Ihsan Abdussabur – Trails Crew

May 30, 2022 | 

Claudia Sacks (she/her) – Claudia is elated to return to Vermont this summer to spend time giving back to the land as a Conservation Crew Leader. Passionate about ecology, she enjoys observing the relationships between the flora and fauna of the environments she explores and always takes time to listen to what the landscape has to say. Claudia’s spent time as a hawkwatcher, dairy farmer, and has a passion for leading students as they develop their relationships with the natural world. She’s a great listener and is always willing to give a helping hand to anyone who needs it. When she’s not on the trail backpacking, running, or adventuring, Claudia can be found crocheting, sewing, and testing her mettle at cooking and baking without gluten. 

Ihsan Abdussabur (he/him) –  is a passionate environmental steward from Connecticut and now is a few months away from Graduating from College with a bachelor in Environmental Studies in Arizona. He has been performing/leading environmental stewardship work and farm work for the past 5 years and is more than excited to continue this work through VYCC. From restoring polluted rivers in Connecticut through Common Ground since 2014 to backpacking in canyons of Arizona through Prescott College in 2021; Ihsan is more than excited to work with you.

Ihsan also has a history in professional photography, so if you are out in the field with him you will get some of the best photos taken of you ever.