2021 Recap: Conservation crews making strides for a better tomorrow

January 28, 2022 | 

As you’ve been peeping fall colors, you might have spotted green and blue hardhats along the way – sported by VYCC Members. Building bridges, installing drainage culverts, and clearing invasive species to make way for new growth – young people have been working hard and getting a lot done.

A Leader on a Mission to Fight Fires

How does a person get from high school to a federal job in our national forests? Five years ago, 17-year-old Sable Huntsman had no idea but is confidently leaving the 2021 season with an answer.

Sable first joined VYCC in 2016, just out of high school in search of meaningful work. Across two summers with VYCC, Sable built trails, worked alongside the US Forest Service in Ripton, spent a season on a camping crew, and moved from Crew Member, to Crew Leader, to now Pro Crew Leader.

“VYCC has been a place I turn back to every time I’m not sure what I want to do next…I come back when I need to reset. VYCC is the perfect space to accomplish this because of all the time spent in the woods to center ourselves, reconnect with one’s self, work hard, and make strong connections with people.”

It takes strength of muscle, strength of spirit, and a lot of confidence to work effectively and safely while hauling branches, felling trees, and using a chainsaw.

Sable has completed enough work on public lands through VYCC to qualify for a federal forest management job. We’re excited to share Sable has landed a position in their chosen field of wildlife firefighting in Arizona! Fight those fires, Sable, and we’ll see you out there.

Working Toward a Better Tomorrow, Together

This year, six businesses partnered up with conservation crews as corporate sponsors. Connecting Corps Members with local employers is one of several professional development opportunities for VYCC Members. Sponsors provide financial support for crew projects and make personal and professional connections with Corps Members.

We are beyond grateful for these business’ commitment to support young people and their projects:

Each Crew Member has a unique story to tell, and through partnerships with project sponsors, and (new this year) corporate sponsors, their work has a lasting, positive impact on both the environment and the community. To learn more about joining the VYCC sponsorship community, visit our website.