Community Meet Up Recap: Forest Projects Crew

September 19, 2022 | 





The Forest Projects Crew meet-up was put on by our friends at Audubon VT and VT Land Trust. We met at the Land Trust’s Rose property in Waitsfield.

The group enjoyed a robust forest ecology lesson and discussed the many benefits of this crew’s work: improving bird breeding grounds, improving soil health, and creating a healthier and more biodiverse forest that will be more climate resilient.

Yes, felling the right trees and leaving them on the forest floor can do ALL that!

At the culmination of our discussion, we noted the importance of engaging young people in caring for Vermont’s forests.


Because the forest products industry has an aging workforce and needs young adults to choose careers in forestry.
Because the health of Vermont’s forests impacts bird populations across the western hemisphere.
Because our forests need active management to become climate resilient.





The work Griffin, Lilly and Vi are doing this fall may appear small scale (this project covers 10 acres), but has a wide impact geographically and over time.

We are grateful to our partners at Vermont Land Trust and Audubon Vermont for engaging a VYCC crew in this important work on VLT land. Thanks to them, and all the attendees, for creating a moment of collective learning.

It was VYCC’s mission exemplified!
Take Action
Build Community
Work and Learn Together
With the Land


This was our final crew meet-up of 2022. However, you can visit completed VYCC projects any time! Check out recently completed project, and how to find them, here: Completed Projects You Can Visit! | Vermont Youth Conservation Corps (