Buy Your Veggies and More at the Farmstand This Summer

July 3, 2018 | 

The Farmstand at VYCC is a great way to purchase local, organic produce while giving back to your community.

Located in the Red Farm barn right past the white farmhouse, our Farmstand is stocked with produce, herbs, eggs and pasture-raised chickens throughout the year. We are dedicated to having delicious, high-quality crops to deliver to our Health Care Share members and to sell to our community. As a non-profit organization, all sales from the VYCC Farmstand go towards supporting the Health Care Share and our youth programming.

We have a bounty of fresh veggies and herbs that can make up your summer meals that are available any time. We are open all week, self-serve.

What do we have this month?

-Heads of lettuce ($2.50), cucumbers, kale ($3 a bunch), spinach, scallions, watermelon radishes, cilantro, oregano, celeriac, turnips, garlic scapes, carrots ($3 a bag), and more!

-The Farm is home to a flock of happy, pasture-raised hens whose fresh eggs are $5 a dozen

-Our Pasture-Raised chicken is frozen and $4.50 per lb. We process 4 flocks a year right here on the Farm.

We also have plenty of recipes and resources on fun/healthy/new ways to use produce. Just ask for more info!

Keep an eye out for:

-A variety of tomatoes, sweet and hot peppers, eggplant, basil, fennel, zucchini and much more!

Our farmstand is the perfect place for all your summer veggie needs grown by Vermont‘s Youth. Stop by on your way home from the swimming hole!