We believe our community is stronger when we hold ourselves to the highest of standards.

High standards and clear policies ensure each crew functions as a safe and happy community in which Corps Members learn and are able to complete timely, high-quality projects. These policies have been developed and refined with Corps Member, Crew Leader, and staff feedback over the course of VYCC’s 30+ years of experience.

Safety and Health: Foster a safe working and living environment.

  • Be respectful of other people’s personal property and space.
  • Use tools, equipment, and vehicles properly.
  • Ensure that all personal equipment (food, water, medication) is available when needed.

Support: Have care for self and others.

  • Practice self-care, including physical and mental health, and proper hygiene.
  • Access health services (physical and mental) when needed.
  • Check in with your supervisor frequently and consistently.
  • Take action to support others.

Community: Create a culture of belonging.

  • Encourage inclusive relationships that strengthen the VYCC community.
  • Check in with your crew regularly.
  • Create a safe space for constructive, specific, and objective feedback.
  • Engage in open and respectful communication.

Grit and Resiliency: Lean into challenge and learn from failure.

  • Maintain a growth mindset.
  • Strive for a positive mental attitude.
  • Dig deep, step outside your comfort zone.
  • Receive and use feedback to learn from challenges.
  • Give feedback to help others grow and learn.

Accountability: Be accountable to yourself and your crew.

  • Be a consistent member of your crew.
  • Advocate for yourself and others.
  • Own up to your mistakes and celebrate your successes.
  • Create and uphold a crew contract.

Professionalism: Have pride in your work and model professionalism.

  • Work to your fullest potential.
  • Uphold VYCC project standards.
  • Represent VYCC in ways that are positive and in keeping with our principles.