2023 Project Preview

June 13, 2023 | 

Summer crews are getting ready to head into the field! Members and Leaders are preparing for achievements that will stay with them – and all of us – for a lifetime.

For example, did you know that all four Vermont State Parks Regional Managers started their careers at VYCC? Rebecca Roy is currently Parks Regional Manager for Southeastern Vermont. She reached out about this recent discovery among her colleagues, adding:

“What a wonderful career ladder we found through our work with VYCC. I just think it is so cool we all started with VYCC and we are in leadership roles today because of it.”

Rebecca (second from right) and fellow Corps Members in 2004, Emerald Lake State Park.

The lasting impacts of VYCC begin with projects. We have dozens of projects lined up for this year’s crews. Every project is funded by project partners, education partners, and everyday members of our community.

2023 Project Preview

The Pro Forest Crew is already on the ground improving wildlife habitat, reducing presence of invasive plant species, and making our forests more climate resilient. Another crew focused on forest health will start next week. Combined, these crews will complete 40 weeks of work on public and conserved land.

Crews focusing on trail work and construction will help everyone enjoy wild places. It’s year two of three rebuilding the Burrows Trail on Camels Hump. This is the most significant maintenance on the trail since it was built more than 100 years ago.

Close to our homes and therefore supporting access to exercise and connection with the natural world, crews will work in local and state parks including Maidstone, Green River Reservoir, Pine Hill, and Hubbard Parks. In addition, the Pro Forest crew is improving safety at state park campgrounds by taking down hazardous limbs.

Water Quality crews will plant trees in riparian areas, repair culverts and rain gardens, and install many erosion mitigation measures. They will work along riverbanks, on trails and class IV roads, and in wetlands across the state. Plus, crews will get on the water in kayaks to pull invasive plants.

For the eleventh year, Food & Farm Program participants will send weekly deliveries of fresh, organic vegetables to households across northern Vermont.

Christine Bahlinger was a Crew Member in 2021, meaning she worked on the farm in the height of summer. This year, as a Leader, she arrived in March to help get the whole operation started from seeds and soil.

Christine shares: “I am so excited to see how the program has grown even in just the two years since I’ve been here. VYCC being at the Richmond farmers market this season is amazing and also new things in the Health Care Share like flowers! I am excited to be a part of the Health Care Share again this year and experience supporting it with the other Leaders and Members.”


2023 Members are excited about having an impact. Here are some anticipated impacts they have shared: have a “positive environmental impact;” to “improve tree canopy;” to “make the outdoors more accessible to the general public;” to “make an improvement on my physical and mental wellbeing;” and to “help the health of the forests.”

On June 19, summer crews start working on projects. (More will join later this summer and in the fall.)

The environmental benefits of these projects will compound over time as newly planted trees mature, native plants thrive, wildlife enjoy improved habitat, and erosion measures reduce runoff. Benefits for Vermonters will also have significant impact over multiple seasons through improved nutrition and increased access to outdoor recreation.

You can support crews and their projects with a secure, tax-deductible gift at https://www.vycc.org/donate/ 

Thank you for supporting VYCC!