Barre puts youth crew ‘out to pasture’

Crews have been spending part of the summer tackling projects on 67 undeveloped acres in Barre known locally as the “Cow Pasture.”

The name is a bit deceiving because the municipally owned property was actually used as a pasture for the city’s work horses in the late 1800s.

Not anymore.

Now, it’s a valuable recreational resource due in no small part to the hard work of VYCC participants like Osadchey-Brown.

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Volunteers shore up river walk bridge

The sun shone with a fervor and resilience that a pair of sunglasses couldn’t dim. But along the wooded trail which heads the Lamoille River Walk, off Checkerberry Square, all was quiet and cool. Mosquitoes assailed visitors who forgot their bug spray while the river babbled down falls and trickled over stones.

This was the setting of the town’s Lamoille River Walk bridge replacement and the Vermont Youth Conservation Corps’ fourth week of work around Chittenden County.

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Prescriptions for peppers: Connecting our community over fresh food

Vermont ranks first in the United States in its commitment to eating locally grown foods. However, more than 64,000 Vermonters live in food-insecure households, including almost 18,000 children. To help address this problem, local organizations have joined together as a network of farmers, health professionals, non-profits and volunteers who are passionate about providing Vermont communities with farm-fresh foods, information on healthy eating and tips for healthy living.

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Teen conservation corp works full days to keep Charlotte preserve clean

During their eight-hour day, they put down cellphones and focus on nature and team work.    

“I think it's a lot greater than being bored at home all summer,” crew leader Mitchell Miller said.

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