Support Your Corps: Summer Events with VYCC

Summer is just around the corner, and outdoor activities are beginning to bud all around Vermont. Creamee shops are open for business. Neighborhood gardens are starting to blossom. Trails are opening all across the state, and youth crews are being hired to conserve them. This season, you can support their work while indulging in your favorite sunny day activities!

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VPR: ‘Health Care Share’: Young People Grow Food To Supply Doctor-Recommended CSA

This time of year, many Vermonters are thinking about signing up for a CSA share at their local farm. Meanwhile, the Vermont Youth Conservation Corps is getting ready to supply a different type of Community Supported Agriculture – one you pick up at a doctor's office.

Driving on Interstate 89 through Richmond, it's hard to miss the Vermont Youth Conservation Corps’ twin red monitor barns. What's tougher to see from the highway though is the youth-run farm nestled between those barns.

With high school still in session, most kids won't start work at the farm for another two months. But the growing season is already underway.

Ruby Bertola, 23, says they started planting seeds in the greenhouses last week.

"We usually start with onions, 'cause that’s our biggest push," Bertola explains. "We do like a hundred-something flats of onions."

Teenagers and twenty-somethings grow 10 acres of vegetables here each summer, and tend to chickens, pigs and a small herd of resident cows.

Once harvested, all those onions — and other fresh vegetables — will be divvied up among CSA shares. But unlike the CSA you might sign up for at your local farm, these shares will be delivered to doctors’ offices.

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