VYCC’s Day At The Statehouse: An Alumni Recap

The day starts early, I woke up in my hotel room, eager to reunite with my former coworkers for another VYCC style get together. I walked to the Vermont state house and looked up at the old gold roof and thought about the history of this building, and what it truly stood for.

The building is not only a place for all the, crazy politicians to conspire new ideas and laws, but its also a building that represents the United States. This building is a symbol of the free world, of democracy.

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Growing Our Future – Venture Semester with the Farm at VYCC

"It’s a privilege to be digging deep into the story of our food with the Venture Semester program this year. This excitement is only eclipsed by the joy of seeing such curious, self-motivated young adults explore their own interests in the environment I love."

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