Being a VYCC alum is worth a lot.

If you have served on a crew with Vermont Youth Conservation Corps, there are benefits and services available to you. After all, you worked very hard to make the world a better place. We know that as a result of that hard work, our alumni continue to make a difference in the lives of their communities, families, workplaces, and local ecosystems.

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Alumni Benefits

Tuition discounts are available to qualifying alumni at Sterling College ($1,000 off) and Green Mountain College (15% off online degree programs, or $20,000 off to full-time residential students). Please contact these institutions for details on who qualifies.


Meet a few of our alumni.

Our alumni yearbook highlights recent VYCC crews. Take a look below and get to know them.

2017 NC 3

Crew Members: Julia Slater, Sarah Farrin, Ryan Cherry, Morgan Hunneke, Connor Watt, Jeremiah Buchanan, Andrew Gross

Crew Leaders: Peter Grunwald, Jamie Ziolkowski

2017 NC 2

Crew Members: Ailey Morlino, Emmy Norris, Thomas Birch, Bryan Allison, Luke Dalli, Meagan Saendorph

Crew Leaders: Shayden Joe and Jen Greig

2017 NC 1

Crew Members: Kara Norris, Breanna Myers, Katie Melvin, Alex Altenkirch, Fabian Martin-Brian, Emery Lovecamp, Nathaniel Han

Crew Leaders: Nicole Allen and Josh Carter

2017 AC 5 (PRC Crew)

Crew Members: Amaris Torres, Clare Waldoch, Ciecha Ravelin, Lily Spinard, Marvin Young, Heather Eldridge, Austin Moody

Crew Leaders: David Pierce and Lindsay Wright

2017 AC 4 (FPR Trails)

Crew Members: Marissa Wales, Erika Akerson, Kayla Urbanowski, Barron Allison, Connor Newton, Lorenzo Quevedo

Crew Leaders: Ricky Ortiz and April Simmons

2017 Woodstock

Crew Members: Henry Greene, Lydia Roe, Avery Wallis, Jeremiah Allard, Matthew Karlson, Samuel Krimmel

Crew Leaders: Seth Sterling and Heather Furman

2017 St. Albans

Crew Members: Cheyanne Germaine, Dakota Amblo, Trevor Maille, Andrew Hathaway, Cole Bolio

Crew Leaders: Pat Neff and Ben Rodgers

2017 Burlington (Burly Crew)

Crew Members: Rebecca St. Peter, Eva Kamman, Colden Seaman, Izac Raker, Alden Wheeler, DJ Gray

Crew Leaders: Matt Hawes and Jacob Kroes

Wheelbarrows away! Hauling in tons of crush and locust or adar logs all the day. To make a long turnpike and surface it up, drink it all down to fill up our cup. We are a team and a crew. Burly we are, friends through and through!

2017 Spike 6 (ASL Crew)

Crew Members: Chanell Slade, Mischa Stenman, Brian Baez, Jean Carlos Diaz, Cyrus Johnson, Michael Powell, Steve Salmon, Gigi Zheng

Crew Leaders: Kat O'Leary, Becky, Julianna Brown

2017 Spike 5 (Dorset)

Crew Members: Jasmine Budris, Madeleine Foster-Pudvah, Anna Morrealle, Thomas Kelly-Hintenberg, Ross Carr, Samuel Biamonte, Evan Coleman

Crew Leaders: Tyler Groff, Sarah Simaitis

2017 Spike 4

Crew Members: Heather Cluff, Ida Weiss, Michelle Wang, Jared Goldman, Kamran Curlin, Michael Scrudato

Adrianne Pink, Ben Fox, Jonah Felde, Nicholas Young

Crew Leaders: Dillon Stephens, Mariah Palmer

2017 Spike 2 (FLDC)

Crew Members: Abi Huntsman, Sheila Gorman, Ellis Ackerman, Julian Saavedra

Crew Leaders: Elizabeth Moworyta, Hanna Holcomb

2017 Americorps 2 (PRC Crew)

Crew Members: Maddison Shropshire, Victoria Best, Marvin Young, Lily Spinard

Crew Leaders: Mike Anderson

"L.N.T.O.D." (Leave no trace or die)

2017 South Burlington/Williston (SoBoWilli)

Crew Members: Elaine Beaudin, Lindsay Kimball, Marlee McDermott, Sean Carlson, Ben Knudsen, Patrick Kwass, Jack ZuWallack, Parker Audet, Noah Townley, Winston Cadwell

Crew Leaders: Olivia Wolf and Calvin Saenz

Building the boardwalk at Mud Pond on our last day was intense. Everyone's focus on the project was truly inspiring. To celebrate we ate hamburgers and French fries while singing "out for a rip"!

2017 Brattleboro Crew (Bratt)

Crew Members: Carl Grumbine, Nathaniel Greene, Gavin Waite

Crew Leaders: Samantha Travis and Jerad Fisher

"In our spare time you can find us trying to hit whip cream from our hands into our mouths or tossing worms down the trail."

2017 Spike 1 (Team Double Jack)

Crew Members: Tracy Melville, Andie Marczewski, Sebastian Nofzinger, Matthew Ferguson, Braxton Comer

Crew Leaders: Melissa Doodan, Max Grigio, August Tallmadge

Team Double Jack crushed it from June through August. Barking spider, buckets of chicken and hot sets made the season memorable, however, our crew made it special.

2017 NC 4 (The Mountains to the Sea Crew)

Crew Leaders: Halle Harklan and Keith Warner

"Where ya from boy?"

2017 Barre Crew

Crew Leaders: Gabe and Kira

The 2017 Barre Community Crew built a gate, two staircases, three bridges, and surveyed 250 storm drains. They were big fans of Costco pork jerky.

2017 Spike 3 (Wahoo! Crew) Female LDC

Crew Members: Sofie Pedmonti, Abigail Moone, Eleanor Gamble, Britney Buick, Camille Kerwin, Kiara Adams, Sophia Weisman-Rowell, Theodore Becker, Elvis Pala

Crew Leaders: Lucy Parker and Cara Corcoran

"Luh youuu!" "Strength of a WOMAN!"

2017 Americorps 3 (the three stoics)

Crew Members: Peter Foley, Aiden Lane

Crew Leaders: Jason Hamburger

“There was no where to go but everywhere, so keep on rolling under the stars”

2017 Americorps 1 (Harrison's Crew)

Crew Members: Alexis Garcia, Heather Eldridge, Austin Moody

Crew Leaders: Paul Rando

"Who's a good boy?" We worked across the street from an elderly couple who had the most excitable little terrier named Harrison. The husband kept telling us we were Harrison's Crew!


Crew Members: Mara Pulgram, Tommy Cunningham, Maya Vruikshank, Harry Feldman, Miles Cohen, Jack Eddy

Farm Leadership Development Crew

Crew Members: Grace Miller, Riley Colompus, Ava Pasqual Krahn, John Ives, Mara Pulgram, Andy Kay

Crew Leaders: Jada Viner

Rutland Farm

Crew Members: Anthony Strangeway, Nathan Hawkins, Shyane Merril, Mariah Parie, Jacob Merriam, Joshua Sherman, Orion Ladd

Crew Leaders: Connor Magnuson

Richmond Farm 3

Crew Members: Sahro (Sudi) Luhizo, DJ (Dana) Gray, Erin Mathers, Cianna Bailey, Shania Elias, Jordan Carpentier

Crew Leaders: Will Pearl

Richmond Farm 2

Crew Members: Musa Abdi, James Edwards-Pawley, Mason Cota, Olivia Merchant, Kayla Guczek-Nasab, Eli Nahimana

Crew Leaders: Jake Kornfeld

"Patience will bring great things."

Richmond Farm 1

Crew Members: Muse Bulle, Anjana Magar, Brittany White, Eli Compagna, Edward (Eddy) Lamson, Olivier Enwa

Crew Leaders: Blair Sando

One of the biggest, baddest crews to ever work these fields.


Crew Members: Kayla Chapman, Tazewell Steed, Peter Chege, Moriah Martin, Evan Brinkley, Ian Calabria, Tionna Roberson

Crew Leaders: Molly O'Reilly, John Boyle

TLC's Don't Go Chasing Waterfalls would blast while we were battling heat and humidity and bugs of North Carolina's Outer Banks. A diverse groups of unique people found common ground in unusual places. "Is that RANDY?" "Got EEEEE" "Safety Manager" - Thanks for a star filled experience!


Crew Members: Lucy Dixon, Sherrice Moore, Oliver Harper, Nicholas Perisich, Nate Allain, Anna Wechsler, David Ulin-O'Keefe

Crew Leaders: Molly O'Reilly, John Boyle

We blasted Cheeseburger in Paradise and pondered over the question "Drake or Meek Mill?"

NCYCC 3 (The Wild Crew)

Crew Members: Seth Lamoreaux, Jessica Johnson, Daisey Foster, Barron Allison, Will Smith, Morgan Hunneke, Amaris Torres, Mila Rutter

Crew Leaders: Rachele Funk

"In the van again / we don't want to get in the van again / cause it has no air conditionin / we don't want to get in the van again. / In the van again / like a pack of hoodrats we cruise down the parkway / We're the best of friends / insisting that we shouldn't do WoRD today / we do it anyway."

NCYCC 2 (The Babe Brigade)

Crew Members: Kyleene Rooks, Brian Edwards, Sarai Lizama, Megan Kelley, Mara Chamlee, Dakotah Smith, Breanna Myers

Crew Leaders: Mary Beth Herbert, Daniella Orias

"Be the change you wish to see in the world."

NCYCC 1 (The Lil' Gravel Buckets)

Crew Members: Urcia Matsiona, Randa Boykin, Dalton Baggett, Cody Postich, Tanner Bost, Kayla Gant, Austin Mueller, Lindsay Wright

Crew Leaders: Kira Miller, Samuel Shantry

Spike 4 (Assessment Crew)

Crew Members: Ivy Boomershine, Cecilia Silberstein, Bailey Whelchel

Crew Leaders: Brian Maillett

Spike 5 (ASL Integration Crew)

Crew Members: Matthew Ferguson, Benjamin Becker, Julianna Brown, Johanna Vargas, Adrian Rivera, Steve Salmon, Henry Race

Crew Leaders: Alyssa Weisenstein, Lauren Sprague

VYCC's first ASL Integration Crew is always on Deaf Standard Time. Our crew never chills when it comes time to work or play. We never give up; always learning to communicate, always acting as the National Forest Service's friends.

Spike 3 (Forest Cops)

Crew Members: Lily Spinard, Hanna Holcomb, Katherine King, Matt Egan, August Tallmadge, Deanna Philpott

Crew Leaders: Megan Johnson, Nicholas Albertson

"In the gravel yard / Working mighty hard / Making little rocks out of big rocks all day."
"I feel good, I feel great. I feel wonderful." "Hey, Bear!"
Memorable Moments: Paco the Bear, first day on White Rock, Peter Jensen: the Rock Whisperer, Chippy.

Dorset Crew (The Dirty Orphans / Dirt's Angels)

Crew Members: First Session/Spike 1: Benjamin Fox, Evan Coleman, Samuel Dunn, Michael Powell, Chris Kowanko, Jacob Schmidt, Michael Powell
Second Session/Spike 2: Benjamin Fox, Avery Wallis, Tori Ogden, Emily Bulgar, Liam Murphy, Michael Powell, Lyra Aquino, Sawyer McNaney

Crew Leaders: Ada Liz Gabancho-Soto, Gabriel Albright

They cleared out the old Gettysburg Quarry in Dorset, along with an adjacent overlook. They played on a dirt pile, fought a bear, and built a stairway to heaven. In light of these facts, they had this to sat for themselves: All hail Santa.
Sitting on a giant marble bench in Dorset's Gettysburg Quarry - 9 or 10 of the biggest ZZ Top fans you'll ever meet. "Just le me know / if you wanna go / to that home out on the range."

Saint Albans Community Crew (The Beaver Dam Busters / Fantastic Four)

Crew Members: First Session: John Butz, Anna Dieffenbach, David Thibodeau, Brittney Poljacik, Jeremiah Allard
Second Session: David Thibodeau, Rose O'Brien, Anna Dieffenbach, Ryan Blanchard, Levi Lynds, Jeremiah Allard

Crew Leaders: Lucy Parker, Seth Sterling, Heather Furman

"Row row row your rock / gently down the trail / mearly bearly bearly bearly / we are VYCC." Mascot: Paco the bear

Saint Albans Crew

Crew Members: First Session: (Beaver Dam Busters) Brandon Colaceci, Corey Bonning, Abby Marrier, Kiara Adams, Jimmy Hendrix, Jacob Jerry, Deric Rotunno
Second Session: (Fantastic Four) Donovan Palmer, Dakota Amblo, Liam Jemley, Kiara Adams, Jimmy Hendrix, Jacob Jerry, Deric Rotunno

Crew Leaders: Ashley Parker, Christopher Ludvik

"It's going to be a hot one." "I don’t know who this Brian is." "PPPEP: Proper Personal Protection Equipment Party." "All we need is sweat, duct tape, and a whole lotta willpower." "Are we there yet?" "This trail needs … a LOT of work." "It ain't like that, I swear."

South Burlington Community Crew (Jay-Z's Crew)

Crew Members: First Session: Isaac Jenkins, Andrew (Kai) Chmura, Rebecca Bull, Wayne Elias, Elizabeth Maguire
Second Session: Izac Raker, Miles Butts-Spirito, Emily Halporn, Daniel Rivera, Wayne Elias, Elizabeth Maguire

Crew Leaders: Stephanie Parascandolo, Hunter Grosvenor

"We out here workin' at Red Rocks by da lake, movin' around piles of gravel with a rock rake. Carvin' that ditch with the hazel hoe, we doing it so we can make the dough. My crew tryna fix this holey trail, a quest like Jay-Z findin' the holy grail."

Brattleboro Crew (Screaming Peacocks / The Family)

Crew Members: First Session: Tyler Harrison, Gabriel Earley, Charles Burroughs, Jenna Kerylow, Kristy Cominoli, Leila Kouakou, Sapphyre Meizis
Second Session: Lucas Saunders, Sapphyre Meizis, Colin Costa-Walsh, Gabriel Earley, Nathanial Greene, Kristy Cominoli, Leila Kouakou, Tyler Harrison

Crew Leaders: Conor Floyd, Mark Hudyma

"Bubble car, Carlos and Jason, gorilla run, spontaneous singing, Word Clue, work work work work work work." The Family includes: Tyler (uncle grandpa), Colin (Arabian prince), a squirrel, Taco Bell, Donnie the Cricket, and a slug.

Barre Community Crew

Crew Members: First Session: Brandon Eberhart, Matthew Paquette, Matt Bullis, Abigail Huntsman, Avery Norton, Sabrina Hicks, Jon Greene, Travor Abare
Second Session: Elijah Austin, Brandon Eberhart, Tyler Holloway, Sabrina Hicks, Travor Abre, Nathan Ettouzar, Matthew Paquette

Crew Leaders: Gabrielle Gambler, Jordan Rowell

These 5 Corps Members made it through a Barre summer of cutting down overgrowth and building up stone headers.

AmeriCorps 5 (Coffee Buddies)

Crew Members: Emily Hayes, Daniel Dillon, Daniel Horton, Patrick Thompson, Kaitlyn Carroll, Donny Brown, Duncan Shippee

Crew Leaders: Mike Anderson, AmyRose Tomlinson

"No I didn't dig!" - Duncan

AmeriCorps 4 (We Like AC4)

Crew Members: Samantha Travis, Alexa Olsen, Emily Komie, William DeHaven, Joshua Clark, Simon Bradley

Crew Leaders: Eli Beattie, Connie Henshaw

We spend 1/3 of our crew budget on cheese.

AmeriCorps 3 (The Pepper Dogs)

Crew Members: Nicholas Havran, Melissa Doodan, Salem Temno, Austin Covell, Lindsay Wright

Crew Leaders: Laura Mills, Richard Basile

The strength of the pep' is in the pizza; the strength of the pizza is in the pep'

AmeriCorps 2

Crew Members: Maya Cruikshank, Cassidy Lawrence, Jacob Kroes, Sheeba Nadarajan, Kristy Cominoli

Crew Leaders: Jordyn Shaffer, Ricardo Ortiz

"Dutch Masters. Cassanova, SheebIA, Raww Dawg, Miss Cannoli, Taco P, The Shank, and Mighty Mom. P-Diddy, Bellybutton, pretzel eating, canoe flipping, house rolling. From start to finish, Kettle Pond and the Big Red Van."

AmeriCorps 1 (Destiny's Children)

Crew Members: Erin Meehan, Stephan Warren, Eugene Webber, Cami Cupples, Coral Bolio

Crew Leaders: Lowell Krusling

Conservation 1
Conservation 1

Crew Members: Delanie Cynewski, Zachary Champ, Jude (Ember) Bower, Diana Mellow, Ushuaia Milstead

Crew Leaders: Gordon Goss

Improved trails and carriage roads in the park, improved the health and viablity of crop trees, removed invasive species, and improved wildlife habitat.

Sponsored by National Park Service and Marsh Billings Rockefeller National Historical Park.

Conservation 2

Crew Members: Lisa Gregory, Austin VanDerWouden, Matthew Delgado, Shelby Spade

Crew Leaders: Caden Chamberlain

Chainsaw certification was followed by tree release, removal of non-native invasice species, trail repair, fish surveys (electrofishing), and riverbank restoration.

Sponsored by AmeriCorps and the US Forest Service.

Conservation 3

Crew Members: Cooper Smith, Todd Boulanger, Christian Newby, Heather Rea, Connor Semon, Emily Thompson, Shane Fekert, Henry Lovell, Nathaniel Keeney, Mariah Parie

Crew Leaders: George Blaha, Lindsay Crouch

This crew improved Class IV Roads in Stockbridge, Pittsfield, Granville, Calais, Cabot, Woodstock, Elmore, and at VYCC. They built hundreds of drainage structures!

Sponsored by the Vermont Department of Envinronmental Conservation, ERP Program.

Conservation 4
Conservation 4

Crew Members: Benjamin Young, Seth Sterling, Christina Lee, Rachael Pitkin, Joseph Salwocki, Nicholas Gillard, Dylan Agett, Leah DeTar, Tayler Smith

Crew Leaders: Christopher Wu, Tinian Vandergriff

This crew felled and bucked snagged trees, thinned 21 acres of forest, and conducted fish surveys (electrofishing); built a 60 foot stone retaining wall to repair a heavily eroded section of trail at Leicester Hollow; and teamed up with Conservation 10 in Jay to build a 40 foot steel stringer bridge.

Sponsors included AmeriCorps, the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, Vermont Agency of Transportation, Town of Jay, and the US Forest Service.

Conservation 5 (Park Restoration Crew)
Conservation 5 (Park Restoration Crew)

Crew Members: Ian Cleary, Ashley Knox, Reed Peace, Karen Foley, Trent Ferguson, Zachary Chen

Crew Leaders: Christian Davis, Kelly O'Neill

Projects at Elmore, Waterbury Center, Little River, Crystal Lake, and Sentinel Rock State Parks, as well as multiple parks throughout Groton State Forest, included the construction of 6 composting toilets and a utility shed and trail repair.

Sponsored by AmeriCorps, the Vermont Department of Forests, Parks and Recreation.

Conservation 6
Conservation 6 (FPR Trails Crew)

Crew Members: Kathleen Lewis, Andrew Hopkins, Kenneth Harrison, Samantha Hickey, Thomas Sicard

Crew Leaders: Lauren Smucker, Luke Fernandez

This crew worked in all 4 FPR regions. On the White Rocks Trail, the crew lived and worked through challenging conditions from rain and mosquitos to high winds and near-freezing temperatures. Steep terrain, dense vegetation, and consistent ledge just below the surface kept the crew challenged and alert, but did not stop them from completing their projects which included timber ladders and staircases.

Sponsored by AmeriCorps, the Vermont Department of Forests, Parks and Recreation.

Conservation 7 (HOPE Crew)
Conservation 7 (HOPE Crew)

Crew Members: Emily Fish, Christopher Griffin, Jessica Cowley

Crew Leaders: Perry Goodrich

The HOPE (Hands-on Preservation Experience) crew was a historic preservation crew that restored 31 windows in historic greenhouses at Marsh Billings Rockefeller National Historical Park and at Saint Gaudens National Historic Site.

Sponsored by National Park Service, Marsh Billings National Historical Park, The National Trust for Historic Preservation and the Corps Network.

Conservation 8 (Leadership Development Crew)
Conservation 8 (Leadership Development Crew)

Crew Members: Nathaniel Malmborg, Christopher Griffin, Jessica Cowley, Hana VanderVeen, Hope Safford, Drew Langel

Crew Leaders: Katie Sobalsky, Joseph LaGrutta

The crew restored trails at Mills Riverseide Park in Jericho, and built a new trail in the Saint Albans Town Forest.

Sponsors included the towns of Jericho and Saint Albans.

Conservation 9 (Female Leadership Development Crew)
Conservation 9 (Female Leadership Development Crew)

Crew Members: Alicia Menard-Livingston, Daniella Orias, Lilah Clark, Brogan Tooley, Abigail Orosz, Caroline Neaves, Leah Carter

Crew Leaders: Andrea Slotke

This crew repaired boardwalk, removed invasive species, maintained trails, and painted a kiosk and shed at the Missisquoi National Wildlife Refuge in Swanton. At Eshqua Bog Natural Area, they built a bridge, puncheon, and maintained existing trails.

Sponsored by the Vermont Agency of Transportation, US Fish and Wildlife Service, The Nature Conservancy, and the Fund for North Bennington.

Conservation 10
Conservation 10

Crew Members: Matthew Haddock, Tylar Smith, Hannah Zeltner, Sage Pence, Mitchell Miller, Devin Falchook, Katherine Wenger, Eleanor Womack

Crew Leaders: Caroline Corsones, Thomas DeMasters

This crew improved dranage along Eagle’s Ledge Road in Elmore, and teamed up with Conservation 4 in Jay to build a 40 foot steel stringer bridge.

Sponsors included the Vermont Agency of Transportation, Town of Jay, and Vermont Department of Envinronmental Conservation, ERP Program.

Conservation 11
Conservation 11

Crew Members: William Stoltzfus, Christopher Dolan, Cormac Stevens, Meg Lyczak, Cecilia Silberstein, Julianna Brown, Ian Bishop, Abigail Russell

Crew Leaders: Carolyn Orosz, Caleb Cohen

To build a new section of trail on the Telephone Line Trail in Groton State Forest, the crew laid geotextile fabric and raised the tread to create a hardened surface that would drain properly and meet accessibility standards. At South Burlington’s Wheeler Park, the crew re-routed a trail and installed 21 drainage structures.

Sponsored by the Vermont Agency of Transportation and Town of South Burlington.

Conservation 12
Conservation 12

Crew Members: Austin Covell, Shyanne Chase, Sally Matson, Brady Scott, John Hackett, Sebastion Collins, Olivia Riggins

Crew Leaders: Pilar Lopez-Gomez, Hunter Grosvenor

On the Bill Ballard Trail in Norwich, this crew constructed one 28’ bridge at a critical junction that connects two busy trails previously washed out during Tropical Storm Irene. Additional trail maintenance included installing drainage structures, retaining walls, and stepping stones. This crew was overwhelmed by support (and treats) that from the Norwich Trail Committee and members of the surrounding community!

Sponsored by the Vermont Agency of Transportation, Norwich Trail Committee, and US Forest Service.

Conservation 13
Conservation 13

Crew Members: August Tallmadge, Ari Rasmussen, Margaret Sweeney, Laura Gumpert, Nicole Vancoppenolle, Connor Burke, Dylan Schmaling, Patrick Thompson

Crew Leaders: Alyssa Rowsey, Perry Goodrich

This crew constructed the Journey’s End trail in Johnson including 3 staircases, 2 sections of puncheon, and 12 feet of turnpiking.

Sponsors included the Vermont River Conservancy and the Johnson Conservation Commission.

Conservation 14
Conservation 14

Crew Members: Jacob Kittrell, Lauren Mendelsohn, Spencer Marshall, Dorothy Punderson, Chas Jewett

Crew Leaders: Kira Miller, Gabriel Albright

The crew had the pleasure of working on this historic railway to maintain three miles of trail, and install one staircase and 22 stepping stones.

Sponsored by the Vermont Agency of Transportation and Friends of the West River Trail.

Conservation 15
Conservation 15

Crew Members: Duncan Gamble, Marcus Wadlington, Isabella Bushko, Emily Weinschenk, Matthew Zenie, Lisa Grady

Crew Leaders: Perry Goodrich, Alyssa Rowsey

This crew built a new boardwalk and bridge at the Woodside Natural Area in Essex.

Sponsored by the Winooski Valley Park District.

Conservation 16
Conservation 16

Crew Members: Nicole Vancoppenolle, Garrett Hastings, Henry Race, Caitlin Mahoney, Idil Amin, Chas Jewett, Nathan Ettouzar, Aiden Lane

Crew Leaders: Kira Miller, Gabriel Albright

This crew built a boardwalk out of locally harvested locust, constructed four new sustainable trails including 50 feet of turnpiking to connect trails at the summit of Putney Mountain. The dedicated staff of Putney Mountain Association was incredibly supportive, and organized potlucks for the crew!

Sponsored by the Vermont Agency of Transportation and Putney Mountain Association.

Conservation 17 (Woodstock Community Crew)

Crew Members: Hank Oney, Diego Montano, Siobhan Seigne, James Kamb

Crew Leaders: Catherine Ott

Forest management, carpentry projects, and trail work were important and interesting, but the real highlight for this crew was building a 60 foot, three stringer, modular bridge that the Vermont Department of Forests, Parks and Recreation will rent to logging operations. This will protect streams and waterways that are often damaged by driving heavy equipment through fragile areas.

Sponsored by National Park Service and Marsh Billings Rockefeller National Historical Park.

Conservation 18
Conservation 18 (Barre Community Crew)

Crew Members: Joshua Barnett, Jason Morris, Hunter Hannon, Brandon Maurice, Jacob Roy, Geoffrey Thomson, Shaun Melkonian, Michael Smith

Crew Leaders: Schuyler Timmons, Amanda Marquis

This crew worked at the Vermont Granite Museum and made improvements to the well-used Barre Cow Pasture, a park within Barre City. The Barre Cow Pasture Committee identified several important projects, including rebuilding a historic stone wall.

Sponsored by the Vermont Division of Vocational Rehabilitation.

Conservation 20 (Fall Park Restoration Crew)

Crew Members: Ryan McGann, Zachary Champ, Sebastion Collins, Brian Miglorino, Lia Douillet, Rachel Brinkman, Timothy Chartier

Crew Leaders: Lindsay Crouch

At Waterbury Reservoir, the crew built trails to access new composting toilets built by Conservation 5 during the summer; and at worked alongside students of Woodstock High School to build a trail in Woodstock.

Sponsors included the Vermont Department of Forests, Parks and Recreation, Retreat Farm, and Catamount Trail Association.

Richmond Community Crew – Farm at VYCC

Crew Members: Abdullahi Mayange, Lee Benoit, Musa Mayange, Olivier Enwa, Elli Nahimana, Farhan Hassan, RoZe Yar, Jonah Guth, Kimberly Whalen, Gavin Hayes, Cory Mara, Paul Palasits, Michael Boldosser

Crew Leaders: Andrew Whitehead, Katie Horner

Rutland Community Crew – Health Care Share

Crew Members: Tessie McDonnell, Jade Pope, Anthony Strangeway, Armando Franquiz

Crew Leaders: Connor Magnuson

North Carolina Fall Crew

Crew Members: Alexis Garcia, Destiny Locke, Andrew Micklos, Noelle Sturgill, Tylar Smith, Phillip Whiteis, Jessica Cowley

Crew Leaders: Natalie Strickland


Crew Members: Vanessa Mae, Taylor Flood, Darby Sherbert, Eric Smith, Sudeep Stauble, Dan Moody, Zhenya Pankova, Pamela Cintron, Sawyer Ostrout, Howie Little Simpson, Kate Enneper, Abshiro Ibrahim, Sara Mornis, Ligia Petrut, Alek Wolfe, Hollis Ostrout, Alisha Sancibrian, Myles Rolfe, Jon Gardener, Kumeye Castillo, Laura Boelens, Nick Phalen, Julien Thurrott

Crew Leaders: Francisco Leos, Holly Klang, Will Wiltshire, Brittany Lavery

North Carolina 1

Crew Members: Aaron Johnson, Brittany Watkins, Brandy Allen, Peter Whitehouse, Shakera Robbins, Trina Aiken, Robert McMahan, Nicole Martin

Crew Leaders: Evan Willeford, Brianna Hodge

North Carolina 2

Crew Members: Dylan Stancill, Kristiana Davis, Blake Barnette, Ava Clark, Jacob Franco, Ryan Avery

Crew Leaders: Thomas Booton, Hailey Baker

North Carolina 3

Crew Members: Sabrina Sholomon, Katie Melvin, Urcia Matsiona, Noah Miller, Destiny Locke, Peyton Dauray, Jonathan Klopfer, Barron Allison

Crew Leaders: Natalie Strickland, Luke Woodard

North Carolina 4

Crew Members: Alexandria Mohrman, Ethan Thompson, Jacob Pond, Alexander Altenkirch, Ariana Taylor, David McGowan, Tia Decker, Brittany Allen, Ammar Hamad

Crew Leaders: Emma Boel, Samuel Judson, Calvin Saenz