Venture Semester is a life-changing experience in food, farming, and leadership.

Vermont is a mecca for food systems innovation. A leader in the nation’s farm-to-plate movement, Vermont ranks first in the nation in its commitment to raising and eating locally grown food, thus providing the ideal setting for this important work.

From seed to plate, from calf to milk, the Venture Semester allows young adults to discover every aspect of food. They learn from farmers, expert teachers, and agricultural leaders what it really takes to grow food – no prior farming experience needed.

Participants learn as much about themselves and their place in the world as they do about food systems and agriculture. They improve critical thinking, advanced writing, and technical skills, and have the opportunity to explore Vermont colleges.

Corps Members live, learn, and adventure together as a crew of eight guided by Crew Leaders. The crew and Crew Leaders live on the Farm at VYCC, in gender-specific yurts that are nestled between trees and surrounded by open pastureland, vegetable fields, and forest. All crews have access to modern amenities: bathrooms, showers, kitchens, cell service, and Wi-Fi.

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