Field Staff

  • Kateri Virgilio, Crew Leader

    Kateri Virgilio grew up outside of Albany, NY in a rural area where she always felt the need to move, to play, to run, climb, laugh and feel free in the outdoors. She moved to Bennington, Vermont when she was 14 and had many experiences such as leadership trainings, mentoring elementary kids, attending outdoor camps, and pre-college art programs that furthered her devotion to art. Kateri has attended Alfred University and taken time off to work with Developed Mentally Disabled Adults. Before finishing her Bachelor of Fine Arts with a concentration of Painting at the New Hampshire Institute of Art this fall, Kateri is looking forward to embarking on her VYCC journey this season!

  • Nate Stratton, Richmond Crew Leader

    Nate Stratton makes a glorious return to the VYCC for his second season as a Community Crew Leader. Rejoice! Although originally hailing from Illinois, he has a tendency to get restless and move around haphazardly. Nate studied Mediaeval History at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland for 4 years. Upon graduating, Nate packed his bags and relocated to a rural village in the Japanese Alps, where he spent a year teaching English to villagers of all ages. He then caught the outdoor education bug and took a job as an instructor at the Redcliff Ascent Wilderness Therapy Program in Utah. After a few other travelling experiences abroad, Nate co-lead the legendry St. Albans Community crew for the VYCC. Currently, he is in the middle of completing graduate school at the University of Denver where he studies Social Work.

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  • Tyler Andrews, Rutland Crew Leader

    Tyler recently moved back to his home state of Vermont after earning a Bachelors of Science Degree in Resource Conservation from the University of Montana. Tyler is highly invested in environmental restoration, most recently working on rehabilitating riparian buffer zones and native species restoration. Tyler is an outdoor enthusiast and traveler, spending last summer in the northwest Indian Himalayas studying livelihood and sustainability while climbing 17,000 foot peaks. He is looking forward to being a part of the VYCC team and contributing his knowledge and expertise to others, while constantly learning more.

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  • Nigel Tilson, Rutland Crew Leader

    Nigel Tilson was born in a small farming community in the Adirondack Mountains of Northern New York and is excited to co-lead the Rutland Community crew this summer. In September, Nigel will be returning to his final year studying Renewable Resources in British Columbia, Canada. His studies focus on Recreation, Fish and Wildlife at Selkirk College. Nigel has traveled extensively throughout North America as well as the southern counties of Ireland. Nigel is enthusiastic about hiking, canoeing, climbing, and mountain biking. He loves to share his passion for nature and believes that hands-on outdoor experience is the best form of education.

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  • Brigitte Derel, US Forest Service Crew Leader

    Brigitte Derel joins the VYCC after spending the winter working and snowboarding at nearby Stowe Mountain Resort. Although she was born in France, Brigitte grew up in Chicago. She graduated from Northern Michigan University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Conservation and a minor in Outdoor Recreation Leadership and Management. Before the VYCC, Brigitte worked as a river guide, a historical interpreter, and an organic farmer. She strives to find work opportunities that allow her to live her passions and connect her with like-minded people. She is passionate about working outdoors, traveling, farming, boating, and dancing.

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