Teens work on Brunswick Nature Park

“Despite all the rain, the NCYCC crew was actively working at the Brunswick Nature Park and was able to accomplish great work,” said Jesica Blake, director of stewardship and community conservation with the Coastal Land Trust. “From building trails to restoring longleaf pine habitat, their effort and hard work continues to better the park for people who visit and the wildlife that live there.

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NC Youth Conservation Corps learn life, forest skills through intense summer internship

Lyra Aquino has picked up many skills in her three summers of back-breaking labor with the North Carolina Youth Conservation Corps.

The 19-year-old from Hillsborough can build a fence, clear a trail and swing a fire rake, a hazel hoe and a limb lopper like a pro. She can set up and break down camp without anyone knowing she's been there.

But perhaps her greatest lessons have been perseverance and patience.

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Now Hiring Fall Young Adult Richmond Farm Crew

Learn organic farming skills, harvest the bounty of a Vermont growing season, and help feed Vermonters in need supplying the Health Care Share program. On this crew you will serve as a VYCC AmeriCorps Member. It is a unique opportunity to work, live on a farm (or live locally) and make a difference.

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Now Hiring Fall Young Adult Trail Crew Members

Crews work July 19 & August 23 – October 30. Make a lasting contribution to public lands in Vermont. Serving as a VYCC AmeriCorps Member is a unique opportunity to work, travel, and make a difference. Apply today!

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Meet Our Crews In Your Community!

One of the best parts of our Community Crews is that they are right in your local parks, trails, and sometimes even right downtown in your town/city! Check out our list of summer events and consider yourself invited!

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Barre puts youth crew ‘out to pasture’

Crews have been spending part of the summer tackling projects on 67 undeveloped acres in Barre known locally as the “Cow Pasture.”

The name is a bit deceiving because the municipally owned property was actually used as a pasture for the city’s work horses in the late 1800s.

Not anymore.

Now, it’s a valuable recreational resource due in no small part to the hard work of VYCC participants like Osadchey-Brown.

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Dams, Shorelines, Culverts, and More! 

The watershed program has been hard at work in the 2018 field season! Six crews (and counting) have implemented a variety of projects across the State, aimed at improving water quality and ecosystem health. Clean water doesn’t just mean we can stay hydrated during these hot months, it means that diverse aquatic ecosystems are able to thrive, which provides benefits to the broader landscape, our economy, and the health of our Vermont communities.so we hope you will help us celebrate the great work getting done this summer.

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Volunteers shore up river walk bridge

The sun shone with a fervor and resilience that a pair of sunglasses couldn’t dim. But along the wooded trail which heads the Lamoille River Walk, off Checkerberry Square, all was quiet and cool. Mosquitoes assailed visitors who forgot their bug spray while the river babbled down falls and trickled over stones.

This was the setting of the town’s Lamoille River Walk bridge replacement and the Vermont Youth Conservation Corps’ fourth week of work around Chittenden County.

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Prescriptions for peppers: Connecting our community over fresh food

Vermont ranks first in the United States in its commitment to eating locally grown foods. However, more than 64,000 Vermonters live in food-insecure households, including almost 18,000 children. To help address this problem, local organizations have joined together as a network of farmers, health professionals, non-profits and volunteers who are passionate about providing Vermont communities with farm-fresh foods, information on healthy eating and tips for healthy living.

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